Top Reasons To Start Cooking With Bone Broth

Melissa Bolona

Give your meals some glow with our broth concentrates! While we always recommend drinking 2 cups of broth a day, there are certainly other ways to add bone broth to your daily routine, like adding it to your cooking. We’re here to explain why you should start cooking with our broth concentrates stat, and share a few of our favorite recipes to make with our chicken and beef broths.

Remember all the times Grandma would make you her special soup and tell you that it would help heal your headache or take away your cold? Grandma sure was on to something! But what Grandma may not have realized is that by adding bone broth to your cooking, you are adding an extra amount of glow. Bone broth is an excellent source of protein and contains important vitamins and minerals like calcium, potassium and phosphorus. It also offers whole body and beauty benefits like healing gut health and digestion, and helps to support a healthy immune system while promoting muscles, bone and joint health.  

By adding bone broth to your cooking, you are supplying your body with all the incredible benefits it has to offer. While most recipes call for broth stock over bone broth, it is important to note the difference between the two and why broth bone is particularly better for whole body beauty benefits. Broth stock is essentially made the same way as bone broth, by simmering bones, vegetables and herbs togethers. What makes our broth concentrates different (and healthier) than broth stock, is that during the cooking process, we leave all of our ingredients intact and slowly-simmer together for up to 24 hours. This results in a concentrate form, rich in naturally-occurring collagen, vitamins and nutrients. Most other brands on the market grind up their ingredients, which reduces the integrity and all the powerful benefits. This process also results in a more water-based stock, whereas our bone broth is boiled down into a concentrated, potent form.

Although many recipes call for broth stock, we highly recommend cooking with broth concentrates instead. By adding broth concentrates to your meals, it will help provide body to the base (aka thicken the liquid present), enhance all the rich flavors AND add incredible health benefits to your meals. It's time to start swapping broth stock for bone broth! 

Although you can add bone broth to almost any recipe, we've put together a list of some of the more traditional ways to use bone broth in your cooking. 

Soups: By adding broth concentrates to your soup recipes, you will notice a significant difference in flavor! This will also help support a healthy immune system to keep you feeling healthy all year long! 

Try making a few of our special soup recipes: 


Stews and chilis: Broth concentrates will help to thicken the liquid base to create a thick, more distinct base and bring out some of the incredible flavors. 

Sauces: You can even add broth concentrates to sauces! Just like adding it to stews and chilis, the broth concentrate will thicken the base and add great flavor. Try adding broth to your family's tomato sauce recipe! You'll be amazed with how flavorful it turns out.

Side dishes and snacks: When making rice or quinoa, add broth concentrate instead of water. You can even add broth to your favorite dips, like cheese fondue! 

Follow along to make our Chicken Bone Broth Fondue

We have a few unexpected, yet incredibly delicious ways to add bone broth to your cooking, which we know you'll love just as much as we do. 

Cocktails: Yes, you read that right! Skip the skinny margarita and add some broth concentrate to your favorite cocktails. We are all about our Glow Me More Brothtail recipe.

*Note: please sip responsibly! 

Smoothies: Replace your typical collagen powder or supplements with our broth concentrates, which are rich in naturally-occurring collagen. 

Tip: pour the chicken broth concentrate into an ice tray and freeze. Use the ice cubes in your next smoothie! 

Desserts: This may sound crazy, but you can even add broth concentrate in your favorite cake and bread recipes. 

Looking for a guilt-free dessert? Try out Skin Glow Bites with cacao nibs!


In addition, we interviewed our founder Melissa Boloña to find out her favorite quick and healthy meals to make with our broth concentrates!  

French onion soup: This is one of my favorite soups and reminds me of one of my favorite cities, Paris!
Savory oats: A great meal to make for brunch on the weekends. I like to enjoy it with a warm cup of broth, for double the amount of collagen and flavor. 
Shrimp Cauliflower Rice Paella: Paella is one of my favorite meals and this recipe always hits the spot. 

As you can see, there are so many different ways to incorporate our broth concentrates in your cooking. We are constantly experimenting with different recipes and are always amazed with how flavor the broth concentrate adds to each dish! 

Love what you see so far? 
Browse to see more recipes made with our chicken and beef broth concentrates, like this veggie pot pie!
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