How Is Our Broth Concentrate Made?

Melissa Bolona

It all started in her kitchen… 

Melissa, the beauty and brains behind our broth concentrates, found herself in a wellness rut and was looking for a healthy solution to help fix her problem. After asking her sister for advice, she decided bone broth was the answer! When Melissa first started to incorporate bone broth in her diet, she noticed a major difference in better gut health, less food cravings, and beautiful, glowing skin. During this time she was unable to find spots around town with tasty and convenient bone broth options, so she knew she had to do something about it. She then spent the next six months testing different recipes until she perfected a total-beauty and body miracle broth concentrate in a cup! 

While Melissa spent time experimenting with different ingredients, flavors and cooking methods, she was determined to create a healthier option, packed with vital nutrients and health benefits, while keeping all the delicious, natural flavors intact. Upon her trials, she finally came up with the perfect cooking solution to keep the flavors and health benefits intact -- slow cook and simmer! She found that by allowing our USDA organic chicken and beef bones to slowly simmer with our organic vegetables and herbs (while keeping them fully intact) for up to 24 hours, this process allowed the water to slowly cook out of the ingredients, and resulted in a flavorful, gut-healthy, collagen-rich and nutrient-dense broth concentrate. She also found that slowly cooking our ingredients together is significantly healthier than kettle or pressure cooked broths and it also makes it two times more potent than the others on the market. This means that our broth concentrates are enriched with all the nutrients, flavor and health benefits your body needs to create a glow from within, with NO added sugar, salt, colors or preservatives! 

Another amazing benefits that comes from slow-simmering our ingredients is that it keeps our key ingredient collagen intact. Collagen is a protein found in bone and connective tissue that is responsible for skin elasticity and keeping hair and nails strong, and when it is slowly-cooked down, the resulting product contains all the amazing benefits collagen has to offer!  A few other reasons why slow-simmered broth concentrates are better AND healthier than kettle or pressure cooked broths include:

  • They are packed with nutritious health benefits and flavors
  • You control the flavor (less water added = more flavor)
  • They are very convenient (our concentrates do NOT need to be stored in the refrigerator or freezer)
  • They are environmental friendly


Additionally, our broth concentrates are significantly more flavorful than other bone broths on the market. Bone broth is measured in percent of solids present in the liquid solution, which includes flavor compounds, protein, collagen and nutrients. Most home-made liquid broths are 1-2% solid, and most other liquid broths on the market are 3% solid. When our broth is in its concentrate form (packaged form) it is 25% solid, and when 8oz of water is added, it becomes 7% solid, which is DOUBLE the flavor, nutrients and benefits than any other bone broth concentrate on the market. You can confidently enjoy every sip of our broth concentrates knowing you are drinking the best for your beauty AND your health! 

Not only are our broth concentrates carefully crafted to create a whole-body booster, they are also made to fit in with your busy schedule. Our broth concentrates are care-free, convenient and customizable, allowing you to take our broth concentrates with you on the go!

Stay tuned for our next post, which will give an in-depth insight on Melissa’s original bone broth recipes! 

Beauty & the Broth

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