What Is Broth Concentrate?

Melissa Bolona

So what’s all the hype around  broth concentrates? What are they and are they really as healthy as people say? Simply put, broth concentrates are THE miracle worker for gut health and digestive disorders. 
You can read more about why broth concentrates are so healthy for you in my two previous posts "What Do Bones Have To Do With Beauty" and "What Makes Beauty & the Broth Special"but from a definition standpoint, concentrates are a condensed form of broth where the water is slowly cooked out in the process. What makes OUR broth concentrates different is that we put all of our organic ingredients, intact, into a large simmering pot which we then slowly-simmer for up to 24 hours. This then turns the broth into our shelf-stable broth concentrates.
Bone Broth Concentrate
Why is this important to know? Well, a lot of other broth companies grind up their ingredients prior to cooking. This process can break down the essential nutrients that make broth so good for you. They also sometimes either kettle or pressure cook their broths which further breaks down these beneficial nutrients and a key ingredient in our concentrates, collagen. By slowly-simmering everything together intact, we keep the nutrients of our organic ingredients intact. This in turn makes our broth concentrates more potent, flavorful and with more benefits vs. other broths on the market. We also do not add any artificial flavors, colors, preservatives, SALT or SUGAR!
What's more is because it's shelf-stable, you don’t have to pack it into your freezer or fridge. This also means less packaging which is easier, more cost effective and more environmentally friendly when shipping. It's also super convenient and customizable to your taste and routine since all you need to do is to mix it in with your desired amount of water, heat it up in a cup, and take with you on the go.
All in all, when you buy Beauty & the Broth's broth concentrates, you are simply paying for the best. 
Beauty & the Broth Bone Broth Concentrate
Beauty & the Broth

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