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Our Mission

After finding herself in an unexpected wellness rut, actress and model Melissa Boloña turned to her sister for advice. The answer was simple: bone broth. Melissa noticed an immediate difference ranging from better gut health and fewer cravings to beautiful, glowing skin. The problem? She couldn’t find any local spots with tasty or convenient options.

She then set about testing out recipes in her own kitchen to create the flavorful and shelf-stable products you now know, Beauty & the Broth’s gut-healthy, broth concentrates. Now she’s drinking two cups daily and doing all she can to spread the word about this whole-body, total-beauty elixir in a cup.


The Woman Behind the Broth

Having struggled with chronic digestive issues for most of my life, I worried it was something I just had to deal with. As time passed, symptoms lingered, impacting my personal and professional life. Desperate for a solution, I tried bone broth in my mid-20s, and to my surprise, it truly changed my life—improving how I feel, function, and even influencing my beauty routine. I feel so grateful that I can now share the power of bone broth with you.

However, a year into running Beauty & the Broth, my autoimmune symptoms resurfaced, causing brain fog and fatigue. Fearing burnout from my new career, I dug deep and discovered I was suffering from mold toxicity. I began following a new protocol, starting with a bone broth fast, to address the new health challenge. Now I’m finally back to feeling like myself, and, once again, bone broth has literally changed my life.

My passion for bone broth continues, marking a new chapter in my life. Join me on this wellness journey, and let’s see how the story unfolds together.

Beauty & the Broth
Beauty & the Broth


Beauty & the Broth

By Mother Nature

We believe food is medicine, and Mother Nature provides the best ingredients needed to look and feel your best. We source only the best ingredients from organic and ethical farms.
Beauty & the Broth

Wellness On-the-Go

Convenient broths that fit into the hectic rhythm of modern life without skimping on quality. Zero short-cuts, zero fillers—it’s everything a bone broth should be.
Beauty & the Broth

5x Stronger Broth

Our bone broth concentrates measure at 25 Brix. That means 5x the nutrients–and benefits–than your average homemade bone broth, and of any competitor on the market.
Beauty & the Broth

Crafted to Perfection

Our recipe has been rigorously tested over months to create the perfect balance of flavours an nutritional benefits for the ultimate bone broth to help you stay healthy.

Better for you and the environment

All of our bone broth concentrates are packaged in convenient BPA-free pouches. Additionally, your first order includes a BPA-free reusable cup made with rice husks. They are non-toxic, dishwasher, microwave safe, and keep liquids hotter for longer.

Beauty & the Broth
BPA-free packaging
Beauty & the Broth
Reusable cup
Beauty & the Broth

Want to save money and do more for our planet?

Simply select to receive your product in our “Plain Jane” biodegradable pouches at check out. Take a step toward saving the environment and save $1 on your order.

Together, we can do better.

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