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After finding herself in an unexpected wellness rut, actress and model Melissa Boloña turned to her sister for advice. The answer was simple: bone broth. Melissa noticed an immediate difference ranging from better gut health and less cravings to beautiful, glowing skin. The problem? She couldn’t find any local spots with tasty or convenient options. She then spent over 6 months testing out recipes in her own kitchen to create the flavorful and shelf-stable products you now know, Beauty & the Broth’s gut-healthy, broth concentrates. Rich in naturally-occurring collagen and made with convenience in mind— just for you. Now she’s drinking two cups daily and doing all she can to spread the word about this whole-body, total-beauty elixir in a cup.


We believe food is medicine, and Mother Nature provides the best ingredients needed to look and feel your best.

That’s why we strive to provide sustainable and all-natural bone and vegan broth concentrates, sourcing only the best ingredients from organic and ethical farms.

We also believe that “busy” should never get in the way of looking and feeling your best.

That’s why we’re dedicated to creating convenient products that fit into the hectic rhythm of modern life without skimping on quality. Zero short-cuts, zero fillers—it’s everything a bone broth should be


That’s what Beauty & the Broth founder Melissa Boloña realized after struggling with a wellness rut in the midst of a successful modeling and acting career in her mid-20s. After experiencing the beauty and wellness benefits of bone broth for herself, it was like a world of possibility opened up before her. No longer was she held back by undesirable symptoms like chronic fatigue, painful bloating, and unhealthy cravings.

Not only did she start to feel better, but she noticed improvements in how she looked too. From stronger and shiner hair and nails to an overall youthful glow, Boloña was able to simplify her beauty routine, including reducing her use of Botox.

That’s when she took matters into her own hands and began experimenting in her kitchen. After spending over 6 months testing ingredients and trying new recipes, Melissa felt like she had struck gold. After trying recipe after recipe, she finally found the perfect blend of delicious and nutritious.

The next challenge? Finding a way to share her secret to gut health and beautiful glowing skin with the rest of the world.

Today, she is proud to share her love of all things health, beauty, and bone broth through Beauty & the Broth.


Homemade bone broth is a timely process, and finding that *just right* recipe can take hours upon hours in the kitchen. Unfortunately, that’s time most people don’t have in the busy day-to-day of modern life.

With Beauty & the Broth’s concentrated formulas, we’ve done the work for you so you can simply sip back and enjoy the powerful benefits of bone broth your way. Simply tear open the concentrate pouch, pour it into your favorite mug, and add water until you reach your desired potency and taste. Cozy up and sip it from the comfort of your couch, add it to your favorite recipes, or take it on the go—the choice is yours.

All of our products are shelf stable and free from fillers and preservatives, ensuring you get a fresh experience with each cup.

Made with health and convenience in mind.

Made for you.




Having struggled with chronic digestive issues for most of my life, I worried it was something I just had to deal with.

As time went on, the symptoms lingered and, in some cases, worsened, impacting my personal and professional life. I was desperate to find a solution. By the time I reached my mid-20s, I was desperate to find a solution. I had heard a bit about bone broth before, but I didn’t truly believe it worked—until I finally tried it for myself.

It might sound cliche, but I can honestly say that bone broth has changed my life, from how I feel and function to my beauty routine. I feel incredibly lucky that I get to spend my days spreading the word and sharing the power of bone broth with you through my company, Beauty & the Broth.

… but my story doesn’t end there

A little over a year into running Beauty & the Broth, I started recognizing some autoimmune symptoms inching their way back into my life. Between brain fog and fatigue, I started to fear I was already burning out from my new career—and I was embarrassed to admit it. However, after digging deep and focusing on my health, I discovered I was suffering from mold toxicity and associated autoimmune symptoms.

While I was already incorporating bone broth into my daily diet, I began following a protocol that required a bone broth fast and followed up with adding even more bone broth into my routine. I’m finally back to feeling like myself, and, once again, bone broth has literally changed my life.

My passion for bone broth remains alive and real and has started a new chapter in my life. I welcome you to follow along, join me on this wellness journey, and see how the story unfolds for me and for you.

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