Glow Me More Broth-Tail

Melissa Bolona

Health-ify your happy hour with our delicious Glow Me More Broth-Tail! Adding bone broth to your cocktail enhances the flavor and adds a kick of nutrients and collagen, making it a healthy, guilt-free and glowing drink. 

Follow the recipe below to make your own broth-tail right at home.

Glow Me More Broth-Tail⁠

Ingredients: ⁠
- 1 oz gin⁠
- 1 dash celery bitters ⁠
- 1/4 oz Beauty & the Broth ⁠
Chicken Bone Broth Concentrate⁠
- 7 oz water⁠
- Organic lemon juice⁠
- Parsley: garnish (optional)⁠
- Celery stick: garnish (optional)⁠
- Carrot stick: garnish (optional)⁠

1. Heat concentrate and water over stove.⁠

2. Pour all ingredients in to a snifter.⁠

3. Garnish as you wish with parsley, celery or carrot.⁠

4. Sip & enjoy! ⁠

*Please sip responsibly! 

Beauty & the Broth

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