Why Bone Broth Is Good For Your Health

Melissa Bolona

Did you know that drinking bone broth is an ancient remedy?! Yes, it’s true...what is now considered a health and wellness trend was once an ancient remedy that our ancestors used as a way to provide their bodies with nutritious and restorative benefits. Fast forward to today, where we now know that bone broth is packed with full-body and total-beauty benefits that help to heal an irritated digestive tract, provide healthy skin and bones, curb unhealthy food cravings, improve sleep and more! Consuming bone broth daily is not only good for you but also for your overall health and wellness, as it helps to heal and create a glow from within! Here are a few of the incredible reasons why consuming bone broth is good for you: 

Collagen-rich beauty from within

All the beauty and health wonders of our broth concentrates come from our slowly-simmered, gut-healthy formulas that are rich in naturally-occurring collagen! Collagen is a protein found in bones and connective tissues that plays a huge role in creating beautiful hair, youthful skin and strong nails. Our broth concentrates are made with collagen-rich USDA organic chicken and beef bones to ensure you are only sipping the best for your beauty AND health.


By slowly-simmering our organic ingredients together, the resulting gelatin form is rich in collagen, along with amino acids, the building blocks that help create protein in the body. Due to the ingredients we use, our broth concentrates make an excellent source of protein, (15 grams in the chicken broth concentrate and 14 grams in beef broth concentrate), with no artificial flavors, colors, preservatives, salt or sugar added. Our broth concentrates make a great post-workout meal, packed with protein to help replenish your body, give you long-lasting energy and reduce any unhealthy cravings between meals!

Total-body healing benefits

Rich in total-body healing nutrients like calcium, potassium, magnesium and zinc, our broth concentrates help protect your joints, fight against inflammation, improve gut health, and improve digestion. These nutrients are building blocks that help to heal your body and set you up for a healthier lifestyle, which may help to prevent long-term illnesses and diseases.

Immune-boosting benefits

Drinking a cup of our broth concentrates a day will keep the doctor away! Our broths contain immunity-boosting compounds, like glutamine, cysteine and carnosine that will result in fewer sniffles and sick days! It's very important to maintain a strong, healthy immune system all throughout the year (not just during flu season!), to set yourself up for a healthy lifestyle. Having a strong immune system may also help prevent any long-term health issues or diseases.

Stronger bones

Our bodies are constantly breaking down and rebuilding our bones, which is why it is crucial to feed our bodies with bone-building nutrients, found in our bone broths! Packed with special vitamins and minerals like calcium, collagen, potassium and magnesium, along with glycine, these important building blocks help to rebuild stronger, healthier bones and promote joint health. This will allow you to have a stronger post-workout recovery and feel more energized. 

Improved focus 

This beverage truly is whole-body, as it even helps boost your brain! Due to the amino acids found in our broth concentrates, they help support the production of essential hormones and chemicals in the brain to help you sleep, think straight and stay focused. This will also help you feel much more awake and more productive throughout the day!

Beauty benefits

We saved the best for last...Our favorite perk is all the beauty benefits our broth concentrates have to offer! Collagen is a special ingredient that can lead to glowing beauty benefits, such as healthier hair, glowing skin and stronger nails. Consuming our collagen-rich broths will help you create a glow from the inside out

Because of all the incredible health and wellness benefits, consuming bone broth is a daily routine we refuse to skip! Ready to join us by sipping yourself stunning?! 

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