6 Ways To Enjoy Bone Broth This Summer

Melissa Bolona

Are you looking for ways to incorporate bone broth in your daily routine this summer? While sipping a warm cup of broth is one of the easiest ways to get your daily nourishment in, it may not necessarily be the first thing you crave during the heat of summer. We are here to tell you that bone broth is not only a beverage, but also a versatile ingredient to incorporate in your recipes. There are a number of ways to cook with bone broth and enjoy its incredible healing benefits that will help keep you cool during the summer.    

The many healing properties of bone broth help provide year-long health and wellness. Bone broth supports a healthy gut and aids in digestion, to help avoid leaky gut syndrome. Bone broth also improves muscle recovery, relieves joint pain and boosts energy levels to improve post-workout recovery. It also promotes glowing skin, strong nails and beautiful hair to help you feel like your best-self. Most importantly, bone broth boosts the immune system, to ensure you are healthy all year long. 

Aside from the incredible health benefits, bone broth is an ingredient that can (and should) be used in your cooking. When cooking with bone broth, it not only adds an extra amount of nutrients, but also enhances the flavor. While there are many different ways to incorporate bone broth in your cooking, we are sharing 6 simple and refreshing ways to enjoy bone broth all summer long. 


Adding bone broth to your favorite smoothie recipe is a combination you never knew you needed until now. Seriously! By adding broth to your smoothies, it will add an extra kick of protein, collagen, vitamins and nutrients to fuel your body. To start, try making our Beauty & the Peach Smoothie or our Glowing Green Smoothie recipes. Both smoothies are made with refreshing fruits and immune-boosting chicken broth concentrate to heal your body from within.

Take it one step further by adding bone broth to your smoothie or acai bowl recipes. We recommend trying our Sweet Potato Smoothie Bowl. This recipe is made with our chicken broth concentrate and Manuka Honey, honey that comes from a special tree from New Zealand that is known to heal the body, boost immunity and aid in recovery. 

We recommend using our chicken broth concentrate in all smoothie recipes. 

Quinoa and Vegetable Bowls 

Another one of our favorite, heart-healthy meals to make during the summer is our Roasted Vegetable and Quinoa Bowls recipe. Quinoa is an exceptional food that is high in protein and fiber and rich in all nine essential amino acids. When adding veggies and bone broth to the quinoa, the ingredients enhance all of the nutrients and health benefits, making it an incredibly healthy dish to eat. It is also quite delicious, too. This is the perfect meal to make for your next summer BBQ. Consider it a healthy side option to go with your meal.

If you are looking for an extra boost of protein, add some grilled chicken or salmon. 


In case you are feeling a bit under the weather, or are craving a comforting bowl of soup, we have you covered! Our Chicken Vegetable Healing Soup may just be the comfort food you are looking for. This soup is made with fresh vegetables and herbs which help to boost your immunity and support your year-long glow. Bookmark this recipe to enjoy during the summer and the winter, too! 

Skin Glow Bites

Looking for a quick and healthy homemade snack? Our Skin Glow Bites are just what you need. These bites are a healthy take on the classic oatmeal protein balls. These bites are made with ingredients known to boost your complexion, as well as improve your immunity and health. This is the perfect snack to take with you on the go this summer. Once you have one bite, you will be hooked.

Tip: store the bites in the freezer to make them extra cool and refreshing.


Paellas are a fun dish to make and even more enjoyable to eat. This meal is extremely versatile and can be made with your choice of protein, vegetables, carbs and spices. If you are looking for a place to start, try our Shrimp Cauliflower Rice Paella, made with fresh ingredients and our beef broth concentrate. Whip up this meal for your next summer dinner party. 


Craving a refreshing, guilt-free cocktail to slowly-sip on the hot summer nights? We know exactly what you are looking for. Our Glow Me More Broth-Tail recipe is made with just the right amount of gin, chicken broth concentrate and fresh herbs. This cocktail will keep you cool and refreshed all summer long!

Please sip responsibly! 

By adding bone broth to your cooking, you will start to discover that any meal can be enhanced with this special ingredient. Bone broth will slowly start to become a must-have, foundation ingredient in each of your meals, providing a delicious taste and nutritional touch to keep your body happy and healthy. 

What is your favorite summer recipe to cook with bone broth? Let us know in the comments below! 

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