Enhance Your Beauty Routine With Bone Broth

Melissa Bolona

We’ve got a beauty secret for you: bone broth! This liquid-gold beverage is not only delicious to sip, but also contains powerful nutritional benefits that get the body glowing from the inside out. We’re here to explain that sipping bone broth is not just a trend, but rather an important addition to your beauty routine to nourish and heal your body to glow.

Adding bone broth to your beauty routine is especially important for all the beautiful brides out there that may be prepping for their special day. As your wedding day approaches, we understand the importance of looking and feeling like your best self. With that in mind, it takes 30 days to get your skin and body glowing, making it the perfect time to start adding bone broth to your diet! You can easily incorporate our broths in your routine by pouring it in our BPA-Free rice husk cup and taking it with you on the go. We suggest you start by slowly-sipping one to two cups of broth a day, until you start to notice some of the incredible beauty benefits bone broth has to offer.

So, how does bone broth help with beauty anyways? 

Bone broth is a liquid (we like to refer to it as liquid gold) that is made from animal bones and vegetables. What makes our bone broth concentrates special compared to other leading brands is that we slowly-simmer our organic ingredients together until it turns into a gelatin form. This resulting gelatin is rich in naturally-occurring collagen, which promotes all the beauty wonders! 

We like to refer to collagen as a hero nutrient because it provides the body with SO many health and beauty benefits. Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body, about ⅓ to be exact. It is responsible for aiding in many different things, like promoting beautiful skin and strong bones, along with improving skin elasticity, aiding in hydration and creating a youthful appearance.  As we age, collagen levels begin to decrease, which is why it is so important to fuel our bodies with a healthy collagen-supply. Bone broth is also rich in important vitamins and minerals like phosphorus, magnesium, potassium and calcium, which help heal the body from the inside out. 

Not to mention, our broth concentrates are specifically made with NO salt added. This means that you are truly consuming the best for your body, beauty and health. We refrain from adding salt to our broths, unlike other brands out there because consuming too much salt can cause water retention and make the skin look puffy, bloated and dehydrated. Too much salt can put a damper on your glow - which is NOT what we are looking for! 

Once you start adding our collagen-rich bone broth concentrates to your daily beauty routine you will begin to notice some incredible benefits, which include: 

 -Youthful, glowing skin: We like to thank our hero nutrient collagen for this, as it improves skin elasticity to create youthful look. 

 -Strong nails: All the collagen peptides help create structure to promote strong, healthy nails. 

 -Strong bones: The amino acids found in the collagen, vitamins and minerals work together to promote strong, healthy bones, and quick muscle recovery. This will help you look and feel strong! 

-Heal your gut and digestive tract: Gut health is SO important, as it plays hand and hand with skin and appearance. A healthy gut = healthy, glowing skin. 

To learn more about gut health and gut-skin connection, check out this special conversation our founder Melissa had with celebrity dermatologist, Dr. Whitney Bowe here.

-Reduce bloating & food cravings: Bone broth is a potent, nutrient-rich drink that is very high in protein. This will help keep you feeling satisfied and reduce any food cravings between meals, helping you stay on track with your diet/weight goals!

-Skin hydration: Collagen plays a major role by hydrating the skin to give it a nice, glowing look.  

-Reduced inflammation: Collagen works to heal inflammation and swelling, helping you look and feel like your best self! 

…and more! All of these beauty benefits are all thanks to our hero nutrient, collagen! 

In order to start noticing these incredible beauty benefits, we suggest you drink two cups of broth a day. Remember, consistency is key! We offer a monthly subscription plan to ensure you never miss your daily cup of glow. As soon as you start to incorporate bone broth in your daily routine, it will turn into a step you refuse to skip.

*Please note that every body is different and you may see results at various times. 

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