Beauty & the Peach Smoothie Recipe

Melissa Bolona

Smoothies are a simple way to keep life peachy, especially during the warm summer months! We put together this Beauty & the Peach Smoothie recipe, full of refreshing fruit, gut-healing broth concentrate and immune-boosting spices to improve your health and wellness all summer long. Follow the recipe below to make this delicious cup of sunshine!   


-3 frozen peaches 

-1 cup of coconut milk 

-4-5 Beauty & the Broth chicken broth concentrate ice cubes (made the night prior, with 8 oz of water added to each broth pouch)

-1/2 orange, chopped

-1 tsp turmeric


1. Cut the frozen pieces and fresh orange into small chunks. Place in blender.

2. Add the chicken broth concentrate ice cubes, coconut milk and turmeric in blender. 

3. Blend together for 30 seconds, or until smooth. ⁠

4. Pour into a glass, sip and enjoy! ⁠

Beauty & the Broth

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