Bone Broth For Post-Workout Recovery Glow

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When it comes to getting that post-workout recovery glow, our broth concentrates have got you covered. Our broths contain important nutrients that help aid in the muscle recovery process, allowing your body to bounce back faster, feel stronger and feel more energized. We’re sharing some of the incredible ways that our broths will enhance your fitness recovery routine, while also helping to promote a healthier lifestyle overall

Living an active lifestyle is so important. Whether you are an athlete, fitness-enthusiast or brand new to working out, you most likely know that moving your body daily is essential to your health. Exercising regularly helps to promote a number of benefits - strong muscles and bones, improved cardiovascular health, reduced risk of health issues, weight control, improved mental health and more. There are certainly a wide variety of ways to get in your daily movement, based on your personal preferences and fitness goals. You can even access fitness classes and workout videos online through social media platforms, Youtube and even your favorite studio’s website. With today’s stay-at-home living, it makes it more convenient to find a workout routine that fits with your work/life schedule, while also exercising in the comfort of your own home (This also makes it very difficult to skip your scheduled workouts!). 

If you struggle with creating a consistent routine, we have found that one of the best ways to keep yourself accountable is by planning out the week in advance. For example, make it a point to sit down with your calendar every Sunday to schedule the upcoming week - include all meetings, appointments and workouts. By planning your week, this allows you to hold yourself accountable for all your weekly responsibilities, along with your weekly movement goals. Keep in mind that life happens and things may interfere with your schedule, and that is okay! Be kind to yourself, listen to your body.

How to achieve post-workout glow

You’ve finished your what? It’s essential that you give as much attention and care to your recovery as you do to your actual workout. Don’t put yourself through all that hard work for nothing! When it comes to post-workout recovery, it’s recommended to eat no later than 2 hours post workout in order to help with muscle recovery and to replenish the nutrients lost. One of our favorite ways to achieve a post-workout glow is by sipping our collagen-rich broth concentrates. Both our chicken and beef broths contain nutrients that help your body recover from the inside out, which in turn give you that all around glow. We’re outlining a few nutrients contained in our broths that help to create this glow. 


Our broth concentrates are rich in naturally-occurring collagen. Collagen has many responsibilities in the body, from providing structure to hair, skin and bones to promoting glowing skin. In regards to muscle recovery, collagen also helps to support the production of healthy bones and strong joints. It also may help to reduce joint pain and aid in the bone recovery process. 

Amino Acids

The amino acids found in our broth concentrates help aid in the production of protein in the body, help to replenish the body, boost energy levels and reduce cravings between meals. They also support the production of chemicals in the brain that help you sleep, think straight and stay focused. 

Calcium, phosphorus and magnesium

Our broths contain calcium, phosphorus and magnesium, three nutrients that aid in muscle, bone and joint health. These nutrients work hand in hand in the muscle recovery process. Calcium is essential for bone growth, strength and maintenance. Phosphorus helps to reduce muscle pain and inflammation post-workout. Magnesium supports bone health, and helps to regulate nerve function and muscle contractions. 


Skip the Gatorade and sip bone broth instead! Full of potassium (electrolytes) that are essential in muscle contractions and recovery, electrolytes play a major role in further promoting bone health. 


Glucosamine is a compound that helps to decrease joint pain, allowing your body to recover faster and feel stronger. This helps to create a faster recovery process, allowing you to get in more workouts. 

All of these powerful nutrients work together to replenish your body post-workout in order to… 

  • Recover quickly
  • Rebuild strong bones and joints
  • Support strong bones, joints and muscle growth
  • Reduce joint pain and inflammation
  • Strengthen your immune system (say hello to fewer sick days and more workouts!)
  • Support healthy digestion and gut health (no more tummy issues to prevent you from exercising!)
  • Improve energy levels 
  • Reduce cravings in-between meals (this will aid with your weight goals)

    Tip: pack our broth pouch and cup in your gym bag so you can start sipping as soon as you complete your workout to help create an instant glow.

    Not only do our broth concentrates make an excellent addition to your recovery routine, they are also great to include in your diet to help promote a healthier lifestyle overall. By sipping our broth concentrates, you are replenishing your body with all the nutrients it needs to create a beauty from within. Join us by making bone broth a lifestyle, to help promote better health and glowing bodies from the inside out! 

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