The Beauty Benefits Of Bone Broth

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Bone broth is the whole-body elixir that promotes beauty from within. Drinking bone broth goes all the way back to ancient times and traditions, where our ancestors would drink it as a way to nourish their bodies. This is probably why your grandparents and relatives are so hip on drinking bone broth or eating soup when they are sick or hurt. Fast forward to today, we now know that bone broth is rich in whole-body healing and beauty benefits to heal the body from the inside out. From lining, soothing and improving an irritated gut, promoting glowing skin, hair and nails, improving energy and boosting immunity, bone broth is full of benefits. But, WHY exactly does bone broth make you look and feel incredible? 

The hero nutrient: collagen!

All of the incredible healing benefits come from the hero-ingredient, collagen (glycine)! Collagen is a protein found in bones and connective tissues that are responsible for skin’s elasticity and keeping hair and nails strong. When it comes to our cooking process, we slowly-simmer our ingredients (USDA organic bones, organic veggies and herbs) together for up to 24 hours, allowing the collagen and nutrients to slowly-cook out. The resulting product is cooked down into a gelatinous (aka concentrate) form, rich in naturally-occurring collagen and nutrients. In concentrate form, when 8 oz of water is added, our broths are two times more potent than any other brand, without any artificial flavors, colors, preservatives, salt or sugar added. The result is a flavorful beauty and wellness-boosting beverage in a cup!

Beauty routine integration

Bone broth isn’t a beverage to enjoy during the winter - in fact, it’s a daily ritual with proven benefits. Consider our beauty broth concentrates the first step in your daily routine! The collagen in our broths help to revive collagen levels in the skin that have naturally depleted over time, due to the common signs of aging. Our broths promote unparalleled benefits across gut-health, skin vibrance and total-body beauty, making them the most cost effective, healthiest and safest ingestible beauty product that promote a youthful look and feel, stronger nails and beautiful hair. Once you add bone broth to your routine, you will quickly say goodbye to botox and beauty procedures! 


The beauty benefits in our broths


Our broth concentrates are skincare you can drink. Now think about that for a second! Our broths are a natural hydrator that pack an extra punch of concentrated goodness with collagen and protein to deliver beautiful, glowing skin that starts from within. 

Hair and nails 

Trouble with brittle nails? Hair growing slowly but ever so surely? The calcium and protein in our broth concentrates bound together with the amino acids (the building blocks of protein) to help strengthen and grow hair and nails.


We’re all about working smarter, not harder! Nourish your body post-workout with a warm cup of broth to help rebuild muscles, maintain joint health and reduce recovery time.


Feeling tired lately? Skip the coffee and sip bone broth instead. Full of essential nutrients, our broths are the foundation to help keep your body running and give an extra pep in your step to keep up with your responsibilities. For all the mamas out there, consider this your new mom fuel!


Kiss tummy troubles goodbye! The glutamine and protein found in our broths are known to promote digestion, making it easier to break down food and absorb nutrients to maintain a happier gut. 


If this part year taught us anything, it is that we need to prioritize our health. The immunity-boosting compounds in our broths help you become one of those people who never get sick. We could all use a little bit of this these days! 


Keep your unhealthy cravings at bay with a cup of our potent broth concentrates. Feeling satisfied should feel good not guilty. As a protein-rich, low-carb, no salt or sugar-added snack, our broths curb cravings in-between meals. 


Brain check! Boost the brain courtesy of amino acids that help support laser focus and less fog during those long work days. 

As a total-beauty booster, our broth concentrates promote boundless beauty and wellness benefits from the inside out. 

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