Bone Broth For Pregnancy and Postpartum

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Bone broth is considered to be one of the most nutrient-dense, collagen-rich, whole-body healing beverages. Consuming bone broth daily can help to nourish and heal the body to glow from the inside out, while promoting year-long health and wellness. We highly suggest adding bone broth to your daily routine to experience benefits ranging from glowing skin, improved recovery, boosted immunity, improved gut health and more! Moreover, when it comes to all the expecting and new moms, bone broth offers even more whole body and healing benefits to both you and your baby! 

Bone broth and pregnancy

We’re here to confirm that bone broth is in fact pregnancy approved! Bone broth is an excellent beverage of choice throughout the entire pregnancy process, as it is a great food source that helps to nourish and heal the body. Bone broth is a great way to keep up with your nutrient intake, especially when you may not feel well enough to eat, to ensure that both you and the baby are getting the nutrients needed. Broth also helps settle your stomach, heal your gut and replenish your body with any nutrients lost, due to morning sickness. Due to the slow-simmer cooking process, this makes the broth rich in nutrients that help support a healthy nervous system, brain functions and develop healthy organs. Bone broth is also a great source of protein and contains amino acids glycine, proline, glutamine and arginine, which help support a healthy immune system, promote gut health, promote cell growth and may help improve sleep. Glycine plays a very special role during pregnancy, as the body requires double the amount of glycine for both yourself and baby. By adding bone broth to your diet, you are providing your body with glycine needed to help the baby grow, promoting tissue growth and developing the placenta. Collagen (our hero nutrient!) plays an important role in pregnancy, as it helps to promote strong and healthy joints, bones and tissue in the baby, and helps the organs develop. Collagen also helps give the skin elasticity needed as the body expands and helps to support strong bones and joints. Bone broth can also help aid in joint pain, as the glucosamine helps grow and repair cartilage, while helping form the joints in the baby. The nutrients calcium, potassium and magnesium found in bone broth help to promote the development of strong and healthy bones during the baby’s development process. Bone broth also helps to support a healthy immune system and fight against inflammation, which is very important during the pregnancy process. 

The takeaways: 

  • Nutrient-rich beverage that promotes the growth of strong, healthy bones
  • Collagen-rich beverage that supports the growth of hair, skin and nails, healthy joints and bones and connective tissue
  • Rich in amino acids that help to boost immunity, improve digestion and gut health, fight against inflammation and improve sleep 
  • Rich in potassium and magnesium to help promote the growth of strong bones and joints, and replenish the body to boost energy levels 

As you can tell, bone broth offers a number of benefits to help both you and your new baby’s health, while aiding in the development process. We highly suggest you drink a cup of our organic chicken and beef broth concentrates a day, to aid in your pregnancy journey. Our broths are rich in naturally-occurring collagen that aid in the process. Additionally, our broth concentrates are an ideal beverage of choice as they are made with NO salt added so you don’t have to worry about your salt intake! Our chicken broth concentrate is especially low in sodium levels, 4% (100mg) daily value, whereas our beef broth concentrate contains 12% (280mg) daily value. 


Bone broth for postpartum recovery and new moms 

Pregnancy and childbirth are some of the most strenuous situations the body can endure, so it is just as important to continue with your daily cup of bone broth to help your body recover properly. Bone broth will provide your body with all the necessary vitamins and nutrients needed to recover and heal. The collagen present helps to rebuild the tissue of the uterus, abdominal muscles and pelvic, and may help reduce stretch marks. All of the nutrients available are absorbed by the body and aid in the recovery process, by replenishing what was lost, while also supporting the necessary needs for you and your baby during breastfeeding. All of the potassium and electrolytes found in bone broth help provide the body with the necessary amount of hydration to heal properly. The amino acids, glycine and proline, help speed up the recovery process, reduce inflammation and allow the muscles and joints to heal faster. The amino acids also help support joint health and replenish the body from any bone density. The protein present helps breastfeeding mothers meet the dietary needs of both themself and the baby. 

The takeaways: 

  • Collagen-rich beverage that helps your body heal after labor and delivery and may reduce stretch marks 
  • Nutrient-rich beverage that helps replenish nutrients lost by replacing electrolytes and fluids
  • Nutrient-rich beverage that help promote the growth of bones
  • Aids in regulating hormone levels 

Bone broth for moms on the go

The bone broth sipping ritual doesn’t stop now! Bone broth is your new mom fuel to help give you the boost of energy needed to get through your busy life on the go, while also promoting healthy immunity and improved gut health to allow you to never miss out on activities. Plus, all of the collagen works together to promote beautiful, glowing skin, strong nails and hair, allowing you to look AND feel your best. We’ve carefully-crafted our broth concentrates to allow you to take with you on the go so you never miss out on your daily cup of cup. 

Looking for quick, easy and healthy recipe ideas to make for you and your family? Be sure to check out our recipes, carefully-crafted with our chicken and beef broth concentrates! 


All in all, there is no secret that bone broth truly is a whole-body healing beverage, made for anyone and everyone to enjoy at any stage of life. A cup of broth a day will keep you feeling strong, healthy and glowing! 

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