Bone Broth For The Whole Family

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You know what we like to say, a broth a day keeps the doctor away! 

Bone broth has gained an increasing amount of attention lately and for good reason. There has been a number of claims stating that bone broth is rich in nutrients that offer healing health benefits to the entire body. These said nutrients found in broth come from the cooking process. By slowly-simmering the ingredients together, this creates a broth full of naturally-occurring collagen, protein, vitamins and minerals. We’re here to help further explain the benefits of bone broth for you and your entire family, as well as sneaky ways to add broth to your cooking - without your family finding out! 

Before you jump right in and start adding bone broth to your recipes, it’s important to understand the healing health benefits bone broth has to offer your entire family. 

It is highly nutritious 

Ah, this must be music to your ears! By slowly-simmering the animal bones, this allows the nutrients to simmer “out” of the bones and into the resulting broth. This creates a broth that is rich in nutrients calcium, potassium, phosphorus and magnesium. The broth also contains collagen and amino acids (the building blocks of protein in the body), along with Iron and Vitamin D2. All of these nutrients work together to heal the body from within. 

Supports healthy bones and joints

It’s never too early to focus on bone and joint health. Bone broth contains collagen, amino acids and gelatin, all of which help to replenish cartilage in the body. As we age, cartilage production starts to slow down, which in turn causes stiff joints and sore bones. In order to help prevent this, start incorporating bone broth to your diet now to ensure your body can keep up with its cartilage needs.

Improves gut health and digestion

I think we can all agree how uncomfortable it feels when our gut health and digestion is off track. In order to avoid these issues, try adding bioavailable foods to your diet, like bone broth. Bone broth is considered a bioavailable food, meaning all of the nutrients, vitamins and minerals are easily absorbed by the body, without causing any irritation to the gut. The amino acids in the broth also help line the gut to prevent “leaky” gut, as well as other issues, like irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). Next time you find yourself, or a family member experiencing digestive issues, warm up a cup of broth. It will work wonders! 

Boosts immunity 

Get ready to say goodbye to cold and flu seasons. Boost up your entire family’s immune systems by drinking bone broth daily for a nutrient booster. Before you know it, you will all experience improved year-long health and wellness.

Better mood and brain health

Did you know that gut health affects the brain, which then affects the mood? The amino acids found in bone broth help support gut and brain health, resulting in a positive mood, clearer head and improved focus. We could all use this in our life, right? 

Aids in postpartum recovery

Calling all new moms! Consider drinking a cup of broth daily to help replenish your body with much needed calcium, magnesium and protein. This will help benefit yourself and your baby, as bone broth will nourish your body, help you produce more milk and ensure that the milk you are producing is rich in nutrients to help your baby grow and develop. 

When it comes to adding broth to your cooking, we suggest you start by adding a small amount to your recipes. This will allow you to safely test to see if anyone notices a difference. Eventually, work your ways towards adding bone broth to your cooking daily. 

Here are a few ways for you to add our broth concentrates to your recipes, that are guaranteed to put a smile on everyone’s face and keep their tummy’s feeling full and satisfied. 

Soups and stews 

While this may be a given, by adding our nutrient-rich broth concentrates to your family’s favorite soup or stew recipes, this will help enhance the flavor and add extra nutrients and health benefits to the meal. 


Sneak in a serving of broth concentrate in a smoothie recipe. Pro tip: Pour the broth in ice trays and let them set in the freezer. Next time a family member asks you to make a smoothie, add a few broth concentrate ice cubes for a nutrition boost. 

Side dishes 

Is there a certain side dish staple in your household? Whether it be rice, quinoa or pasta, add some broth concentrate, along with water, while you prepare it. 

Sauces and dips

Add a little something special to your famous spaghetti sauce or dip recipes with a dash of broth concentrates. The broth will help to add a nice consistency, as well as enhance the flavor and nutritional value. 

Looking for more recipe ideas? Check out our recipe page for some quick, easy and healthy ways to add our broth concentrates to your meals. 


All in all, bone broth not only has benefits for us women, but for the whole entire family.  Start adding bone broth to your family’s diets and their health and wellness will thank you! 

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