What Is Beauty & the Broth?

Melissa Bolona

Welcome to the liquid magic of Beauty & The Broth. I’m Melissa Boloña, CEO and founder. If you’re reading this, chances are you know a little bit about bone broth and you’re now here trying to understand more about OUR specific brand of liquid magic. Thankfully, I have all your answers! So sit back, relax and learn about what our collagen-rich elixirs can do for you!

A little bit about myself and how Beauty & The Broth came to be. I grew up in Connecticut and New Jersey and always had crippling stomach issues while growing up. I went to countless doctors who all diagnosed me with IBS and food allergies and told me I just needed to learn how to live with it and avoid my trigger foods. As I got older, the uncomfortable pain and frustration it caused me became second nature and I eliminated a lot of the foods I love out of my diet.

In my late teens I started my modeling and acting career which required me to always look and feel my best. This is when I started digging more into what types of foods could help with my gut problems and enhance my overall health and well-being. Pro-biotics were getting big at the time which I started including in my everyday diet. I also started using collagen supplements in my juices, smoothies and even sprinkled some here and there in my soups and stews. Then, one day, my sister (a big health and fitness junkie) introduced me to bone broth and, ladies and gentlemen, I had found my miracle!

After a few weeks of incorporating bone broth into my every-day routine, I started having more energy, I felt more alert and my skin was glowing.  I started looking more into bone broth and the reasons behind why I started feeling and looking so good. Turns out, bone broth goes way back to pre-historic times and our ancestors made it to extract nourishment from every part of an animal. It’s been a staple in global diets ever since and cultures around the world have used its nutritious, restorative properties to cure everything from the flu to poor digestion. Over time, we also discovered it helps brighten up dull skin, keep unhealthy cravings at bay and improve sleep, among other woes. I had stumbled upon something magic, and one year later, I'm here cooking up a storm so you too can all can experience the total body magic of bone broth!

So this is the story of Beauty & the Broth. We offer delicious and collagen-rich USDA organic chicken and beef bone broth concentrates that belong in your daily beauty regimen. Our broths are slowly-simmered with potent herbs and veggies for up to 24 hours to give you a cup of total body beauty!  We make sure to only cook the good stuff and eliminate the rest. Our recipes are straight-forward and simple (think things you’d see in the grocery store, not a lab) making it as collagen-rich, tasty and healthy as possible! Our bone broths are also paleo, keto-friendly and gluten free with no added flavorings, salt or preservatives.

So go ahead and sip yourself stunning!

Beauty & the Broth

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