Where Do Our Ingredients Come From?

Melissa Bolona

In our last post, we wrote about the different types of ingredients we use in our broths and all of the amazing benefits these ingredients offer. We are now going to take it one step further and discuss where our ingredients come from and how they were raised and grown. Just like the recipes we've been sharing, our ingredients are straight to the point and come straight from the source making our broths 100% USDA organic and also Gluten-Free, Keto and Paleo Friendly to help give you that all around natural glow!     

When we say organic, this means all of our bones come from chickens or beef that were raised on cruelty-free, free-range fields and farms that were fed on grass or vegetarian diets. Being raised on cruelty-free fields and farms means the animals we use had open outdoor access and were able to run, graze and feed to their heart's content. This also means they were raise with absolutely ZERO hormones or antibiotics which can, not only bring about disease and possible long-term health effects to the animals, but it can also disrupt our normal hormone functions which can also lead to long-term health issues and diseases in our bodies such as cancer, heart disease and more. This is why it is so important to know where and how the meat you eat was raised!

There are many health benefits to eating organic meats, including:

  • More nutrients and fewer calories
  • They contain more vitamins, minerals and healthy-fats, like Iron, Vitamin A and Omega 3
  • They contain less cholesterol and saturated fat
  • They also hold lower risk for diseases

Additionally, our non GMO vegetables and herbs (celery, leeks, carrots, thyme, rosemary) are also all organically grown with no pesticides added...ever! This means that our veggies come from farms that use natural fertilizers and compost, which is not only beneficial to us and our health, but also to the environment. We specifically source our veggies from farms that use natural fertilizers and compost because they help to give all of the vitamins and minerals the veggies and herbs need to grow to the best of their ability. When vegetables are grown with pesticides and other harmful fertilizers, this can compromise their growth by killing the soil they grow in. This essentially leaves them nutrient and vitamin deficient. Pesticides can also be extremely harmful to our environment as they can pollute our ecosystems and the air we breathe.

We know that using veggies and herbs grown in the healthiest way possible can not only provide an abundance of health benefits to our bodies, but provide delicious, natural flavors, making it a win-win! A few health benefits of organically grown produce include: 

  • Contain more nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants needed for daily functions, like Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Potassium and Folate
  • Excellent source of dietary fiber 
  • Help maintain healthy blood pressure levels 
  • Lower risk of diseases, like cancer and heart disease 

In summary, we can confidently say that our ingredients are sourced from cruelty and pesticide-free farms, and are 100% Organic. We only believe in using ingredients that will fuel your body, not compromise it, to really create beauty from the inside out

Stay tuned for our next post, which will explain the process behind HOW exactly we make our bone broths. 


Beauty & the Broth

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