Different Ways To Celebrate Mother’s Day This Year

Melissa Bolona

Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity for you to shower your mom, or any other special mother-figure in your life, with lots of love! While sending flowers and a card is always a nice gesture, why not go the extra mile and plan a special day for mom? Whether you plan to celebrate the day in person or virtually, we put together a few different ways to spend the day to show your mom just how special she is, along with a menu idea for each occasion.

If you plan to celebrate virtually, be sure to send Mom a box of our chicken or beef broth concentrates so she can enjoy it at home, too. 




Mother’s Day Brunch 

Brunch is always a good idea, right? Skip the long lines and restaurant crowds and host a beautiful brunch at home (or virtually) instead. 

The Menu
No mimosas here! Our Glow Me More Brothtail is made with our chicken broth concentrate to add a guilt-free, healthy twist to this cocktail. Be sure to send the recipe if you plan to celebrate virtually, so everyone can make their own to enjoy during the Zoom call!
To snack: Fondue
Fondue is a fan favorite! Made with our chicken broth concentrate, we created a healthy task on this popular snack. Don’t forget to put out some crackers and veggies to dip.
A comforting casserole makes for the perfect brunch dish. This recipe is made with our beef broth concentrate and gives whole-body healing and comfort in every bite! 


Bone Broth Sipping Party

Trade in a tea party for a bone broth sipping party! Create the perfect tea-party inspired aesthetic by setting the table with delicate mugs, fresh flowers and serving warm cups of our chicken or beef broth! Pair it with one of our healthy recipes perfect to enjoy all day long. If the weather is warm, take the party outside to enjoy some sunshine.

The Menu
Our collagen-rich broth concentrates are the perfect beverage to sip to promote whole-body beauty and healing from the inside out.
This sweet soup is perfect to enjoy with your afternoon cup of broth. It is made with a few special ingredients that are high in antioxidants, to help promote glowing skin and heal your body from within.  


Beauty and Spa Day

Mom deserves a day off! Treat her with an at-home beauty and spa day, filled with face masks, nail polish and massages. Be sure to play the relaxing music and light some lavender scented candles to cultivate the spa vibes. Offer mom a warm glass of our chicken or beef broth concentrates to enhance her beauty routine, too.

The Menu
Make mom this delicious latte to sip and enjoy while she is letting her face mask set or getting her nails done. Each sip is filled with health-promoting benefits that will boost immunity and promote healthy skin.
To snack: Skin Glow Bites
Grab a skin glow bite to snack on in-between beauty routines to further enhance your glow. This snack will have you glowing and energized all throughout the day.
No better way to end your spa day than with a bowl of our healing soup, made with veggies, turmeric, ginger and herbs to help boost your immunity and heal your body from the inside out!


Outdoor Picnic

If the sun is shining and the weather permits, plan an outdoor picnic! This is a great opportunity to enjoy each other’s company, while enjoying the beautiful spring weather. Find a relaxing spot outside to set up your blanket and snacks! 

The Menu
Serve warm cups of our nutrient-rich broths in our reusable cups to conveniently sip and enjoy while outside.
This bowl is perfect to enjoy, as you can eat it hot or cold. Made with hearty ingredients, this dish is guaranteed to help brighten your glow. 

We’re sending lots of love to all our Moms this Mother’s Day. May your day be just as special as you! 

Beauty & the Broth

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