Behind Melissa's Original Bone Broth Recipes

Melissa Bolona

We interviewed our founder and passionate bone broth drinker, Melissa Boloña, to share with us a little bit more about her original bone broth recipes and what drove her to create her own high-quality and nutrient-rich bone broth concentrates!  


How did you get inspired for your two broth concentrate recipes?

I tried a lot of bone broths and it was a bit like the 3 little bears. Some were too gamey, some too herbal, I wanted something just right.  Flavorful, while still being rich in collagen and nutrients.

What research did you do to understand bone broth and how it’s made?

I read a TON of recipes online and books. I got inspired by talking to people and hearing what their grandma’s used to do. I wanted something really artisanal and unique to provide our customers with a home-cooked feel while using the best  ingredients.

How long did it take for you to create the different recipes?

It took a couple of months to develop it. I worked closely with a Brazilian chef and nutritionist named Aline to make sure we were getting the best benefits out of all of the ingredients we selected for each broth. 

How would you describe the chicken bone broth concentrate?

CLEAN! We infused it with ginger and turmeric which can be anti-inflammatory and immune boosting. There is no salt added, so the flavor tastes very clean with a hint of earthiness to it.

How would you describe the beef bone broth concentrate?

Rich (but not overwhelmingly so)! We infused it with mushrooms and kelp which are high in anti-oxidants. The beef has a deeper, richer flavor which feels and tastes fulfilling.

What are some of your favorite ingredients in both broth concentrates?

I have some personal favorites such as leeks, carrots, onions. They're the real MVP ingredients in a lot of broths. As mentioned above though, we also have some fan favorites and super ingredients such as ginger, turmeric, mushrooms, and kelp. I am extremely proud of the integrity of our ingredients and the type of benefits and taste structures we're able to achieve with them.

What tips would you give for someone trying to cook bone broth or bone broth concentrate?

Patience!! The longer all of the ingredients slowly-simmer on the stove-top, the more nutrients and collagen-peptides are extracted from all of these ingredients. Get creative, try different combinations of your favorite ingredients. You will be surprised how little tweaks can change the whole recipe!

What inspired you to make the bone broths into concentrate?

CONVENIENCE. The issue I found while testing some of the brands is that they weren't portable or easy to integrate into my daily routine. Not to mention, I didn't feel like they were cooked with the best end result in mind. Concentrate is exactly like a regular bone broth except the water has been cooked out. This makes it super portable but you also also use it however you want since it's also SHELF- STABLE. It's also WAY stronger. In fact, it’s still 2x stronger when water is added back in.

Why is it important to slowly-simmer and not kettle or pressure cook?

The result of our slowly-simmered cooking process is a higher quality, more flavorful product than those broths cooked in a kettle or pressure cooked way. We simmer low and slow to extract nutrients like glutamine, glycine, glucosamine, calcium, and of course, collagen which all soak into the broth and break down over the long cooking process. Kettle or pressure cooked doesn’t extract these nutrients and collagen as well. It is what we like to call in the industry - a shortcut!

How would you compare your broth concentrates vs. some of the other bone broth companies out there?

I strongly believe we really hit home with the flavor.  We aren’t too gamey or too weak. Instead we have a very delicious flavor, filled with the best organic ingredients possible.  We are also the most convenient and customizable broth offered on the market.

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Beauty & the Broth

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