What’s Special About Beauty & the Broth?
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What’s Special About Beauty & the Broth?

What’s Special About Beauty & the Broth?

If you read my first post, you now know the reasoning behind me creating Beauty & The Broth and my AHA moment when it came to understanding why bone broth made me feel so good. But what’s so special about our broths? What makes them different?

First and foremost, our bone broth is made from absolute scratch which means we receive all our ingredients individually and intact (not ground up) from all our USDA organic animal, vegetable and herb farms. We then put them all together in a giant pot and simmer them for up to 24 hours to keep the integrity of our ingredients. We do not use any artificial flavors, colors or preservatives in our broths! It’s important to know that our broths are simmered and not kettle cooked like many other broths on the market. Slowly simmering our broths enable us to cook it down into a concentrate form giving it 8x the flavor and benefits! This means you are paying for the most condensed and concentrated broth and not water!

By concentrating our broths, we make it shelf-stable so you don’t have to pack it into your freezer or fridge, it can go straight into your pantry. This also means less packaging which is easier, more cost effective and more environmentally friendly when shipping! A lot of the other broths on the market still have A LOT of water in their formulas and are in giant jugs or jars. I don’t know about you, but my head was spinning when I started to really understand what goes into shipping consumable goods and it’s such a waste on all fronts!

Another reason why our broth concentrate is so special, and I mean SPECIAL, is because it’s super convenient and customizable. We suggest drinking up to two pouches a day, but you can really drink it however you want, whenever you want. We suggest adding in 7-8oz of water, but you can add whatever amount based on your taste preference. I tend to like my broth super condensed, so I only add in between 3-5oz of water. I also sometimes eat the concentrate straight out of the pouch, no joke, and for me it’s one of the yummiest things. Ever eaten bone marrow before? For me, it’s a similar experience. I then take my reusable rice husk cup and sleeve and take my broth with me on the go!

I hope I’m starting to get the point across as to why Beauty & The Broth is literally the best. Stay tuned for my next post on what do bones really have to do with beauty and what does that mean for YOUR beauty?

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