How To Take Your Broth Glamping This Summer

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Summer-time is officially here, the sun is shining bright and the world is slowly starting to open up again. This only means that it is time to start planning your summer glamping getaway! You can continue to prioritize your beauty and wellness during your trip by taking our shelf-stable broth concentrates with you. We put together a few tips on how to take our broths and enjoy them during your next glamping trip. 

Pack it in your bag 

As you prepare for your trip and start to organize a bag full of snacks, add a few of our broth concentrate pouches. Our broth concentrates are shelf-stable and do not need to be stored in the refrigerator or freezer. This makes our broths a very convenient snack to bring on your trip, as you will not have to worry about keeping it cold. Although once opened, our broths must be stored in the fridge and used within seven days. 

Our Founder Melissa was determined to create a shelf-stable product, allowing you to drink anytime, anywhere. She found that by slowly-simmering the ingredients together for up to 24 hours, this process keeps the ingredients fully intact, allowing the nutrients to slowly cook out. This results in a potent broth concentrate, rich in naturally-occurring collagen and nutrients to heal the body from the inside out. In concentrate form, our broths are 8 times MORE potent than any other broth on the market. When 8 oz of water is added, our broths are still 2 times MORE potent and flavorful. Once packaged, our broths are completely shelf-stable with no salt or preservatives added. 

Replace your daily coffee

Give your body exactly what it is craving in the morning - a fresh, warm cup of bone broth. Drinking a cup of broth first thing in the morning is an excellent choice, as it is the best time for your body to absorb all the nutrients. Our broth concentrates are rich in collagen, protein, vitamins and amino acids that help boost your energy, heal your gut and improve digestion. This is also a much healthier option compared to coffee or tea, as our broths are organic, gluten-free, keto-friendly and BPA-free, with no sugar added. 

To heat your morning cup of broth, set up a campfire, pour the broth into a pot or kettle and heat over the fire. Once warm, pour the broth into our reusable cup (which keeps the broth hotter for longer!) to enjoy sip by sip, allowing your body to fully wake up and prepare for the day. 

Curb your afternoon cravings 

If you are craving an afternoon snack, put down the chips and heat up a cup of broth instead! Our broths are a great snack option, as they are healthy, nutritious and filling. A cup of broth is guaranteed to keep you satisfied until your next meal. It will also give your body the boost of energy it needs to complete the rest of the day’s activities. If you are in a rush, pour the broth in our reusable cup, secure the lid, and sip on the go. 

Nourish your body with fuel 

Not only do our broths taste delicious, but they heal your body in incredible ways, too. Our broth concentrates are rich in naturally-occurring collagen that helps promote glowing, youthful skin, strong nails and beautiful hair. Our broths are also rich in protein, the building block of our well-being and main source of energy. The calcium and magnesium present help refuel your body and improve bodily functions. Glycine, an important amino acid, maintains energy levels, reduces muscle and joint inflammation and prevents the loss of cartilage. As you take on the day’s activities, our broths provide your body with the nutrients needed to refuel and recover, allowing you to bounce back faster and create beauty from within. 

Cook a delicious meal 

After a long day full of outdoor adventures, whip up a healthy yet tasty dinner to enjoy. All of our recipes are made with clean, organic ingredients, and our bone concentrates, of course. Try making our Roasted Vegetable and Quinoa Bowls, which is packed with heart-healthy ingredients and full of flavor. If it’s a chilly night, try making our Healing Vegetable Soup, made with ingredients to heal your body from within. 

Looking for more recipe ideas? Check out our page full of recipes from smoothies, snacks and dinner ideas. 


Planning a glamping trip soon and taking your broth with you? Snap a photo, post on IG and tag us to be featured on our page! 

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