How To Enjoy Our Broths On The Go

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In a rush out the door but craving something? Our organic broth concentrates are the perfect beverage to take with you on the go to help satisfy your cravings and get your nutrients in. We carefully crafted our broths to create a potent, shelf-stable product that you can sip and enjoy no matter where you go or what you are doing. We’re further explaining the method to our portable beauty broths and how to take our broths on the go! 

Slow & Simmer 

We slow and simmer so you can glow and glimmer! Our founder Melissa was determined to create a bone broth product in its most potent, flavorful form, while keeping all nutrients intact. After spending months in her kitchen testing out various recipes and cooking methods, she discovered that the slow-simmer cooking process was the most effective way to create the broth concentrates she had in mind. By slowly-simmering the ingredients together, this allowed all of the water to cook out of the ingredients, while keeping the nutrients intact. This resulted in a gut-healthy, nutrient-dense, collagen-rich USDA organic broth concentrates, without any salt, sugar or preservatives added. 

Potent & Portable  

Our carefully-crafted broth concentrates are significantly more flavorful than other brands on the market. Bone broth is measured in percent of solids present in the liquid solution, and most home-made liquid broths are 1-2% solid and other liquid broths are 3% solid. When our broth is in its concentrated (packaged) form, it is 25% solid, and when 8oz of water is added to our broth concentrate, it becomes 7% solid. This means our broth concentrates are DOUBLE the flavor, nutrients and benefits than any other bone broth on the market. Our potent broth concentrates are packaged in portable, travel-friendly pouches that are completely shelf-stable. Our broth pouches do not need to be stored in the refrigerator or freezer (unless opened). Our broths pouches can fit in almost any purse, bag, backpack and carry-on bag you own, allowing you to take with you on the go! You can even take our reusable, BPA-free rice husk cup and hot sleeve, too, for convenient sipping on the go. 

Pack & Travel 

Our broth concentrate pouches and reusable cups are travel friendly and should be at the top of your packing list! Our broths are even TSA-approved and can be stored in your carry-on bag to ensure you enjoy your daily cup of beauty broth at the airport.  We highly recommend packing a handful of broth concentrate pouches and reusable cup in your carry-on so that you can continue to prioritize your health and get your nutrients in even while you are out of town.

Travel tip: Pack 1 broth pouch and reusable cup in your purse. Once you get through TSA-check, stop at a coffee shop and ask for a cup of hot water. Pour the broth and hot water in the reusable cup, then sip and enjoy all throughout your flight! 

Pour & heat 

Our broth concentrates are just as convenient to bring with you as they are to heat and enjoy. All you need are 3 things: a broth concentrate pouch, a cup and hot water (or a microwave). From there, pour the broth in the cup, add the hot water (or heat in the microwave for 90 seconds), and ta-da! Your daily cup of glow is ready for you. 

Glow tip: Our broth concentrates are customizable, allowing you to enjoy however you prefer. If you are looking for a more potent flavor, heat and sip as is. You can enhance the flavors by adding some fresh lemon juice, turmeric, ginger, salt or pepper. It’s completely up to you and your taste buds! 

Sip & glow on the go 

As you can see, our broth concentrate pouches and cup are convenient and customizable, allowing you to take with you on the go, regardless of what you are doing. All you need is some hot water (or microwave) to heat our broths and you are ready to take on the day’s activities, with your broth in hand. There are a number of different ways to enjoy our broths while on the go, but here are a few of our favorite: 

  • On the way to work: Prioritize your health and wellness by slowly-sipping a cup of broth on your way to give your body a boost of energy and clear your head to help you focus on your tasks.
  • Post workout: Bone broth is rich in nutrients calcium, potassium and phosphorus which help aid in post-workout recovery to help you look and feel your best. 

  • While doing errands: You can easily bring your cup with you while grocery shopping, or getting your hair done to help curb your cravings until you are done running around for the day. 
  • Out on the town: Whether you are heading to the beach, park or mall, our broths are the perfect beverage to take with you to nourish and fuel your body for the day’s activities. 
  • Airport travel or road trip: Sipping bone broth during your flight or long drive will help hydrate your body and help you avoid snacking. 
  • Busy day with the kids: Bone broth is the new and improved mom fuel, which helps nourish your body and provide it with the energy it needs while running around with the kids. 


What is your favorite way to sip on the go? Let us know in the comments below! 

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