8 Summer Beauty Tips For Glowing Skin

Melissa Bolona

The warm weather brings up a bunch of beauty and skincare questions that need answers. While you may have perfected your year-long beauty routine, your summer beauty needs just the right amount of attention to be effective. In order to help you in this process, we’re sharing our top eight tips on how to get sun kissed without the sun. Be sure to add these steps to your daily beauty routine as the weather heats up! 

Wear sunscreen

Sunscreen is the most important, do-not-forget it tip of the summer. While it is recommended to wear sunscreen on a daily basis, it is even more important during the hot summer months. During this time, you are probably spending more time outdoors than usual. This means you are getting more sun exposure and your skin needs protection. Make sure to apply sunscreen to your entire body - including ears, neck, legs, and most importantly, your face. Don’t forget to reapply every two hours, too! 

Hydration is key 

Hydration is so important. Your body literally needs water in order to survive. When the temperature rises, it is critical to provide your body with the right amount of water it needs. By keeping your body hydrated, it allows your heart to pump blood more easily as well as perform its functions properly. 

Modify your skincare routine

Just like your summertime wardrobe, your skincare should be a little more lightweight. What’s the point of applying thick layers of makeup to only sweat it off within the hour? The sticky weather is no match for makeup, as it can cause the face to sweat and bring on acne. Instead of wearing makeup, replace it with some much-needed sunscreen. After a long day in the heat, use a gentle, foaming cleanser to remove any makeup and hydrate your skin.

Invest in a dual-purpose moisturizer

To further lighten up your summer skin care routine, invest in a dual-purpose moisturizer that is a combination of a moisturizer and sunscreen to keep the skin clear and vibrant. This moisturizer should be on the lighter side, with an SPF of at least 30 or higher. When outside, reapply a layer to the face every few hours to ensure that your skin does not get a burn.

Drink bone broth

Bone broth is not only a beverage to enjoy during the winter months, but it should be part of your daily routine in the summer, too! The many healing properties of bone broth help provide year-long health and wellness. Bone broth supports a healthy gut and aids in digestion, to help avoid leaky gut syndrome. Bone broth also improves muscle recovery, relieves joint pain and boosts energy levels to improve post-workout recovery. It also promotes glowing skin, strong nails and beautiful hair to help you feel like your best-self. Most importantly, bone broth boosts the immune system, to ensure you are healthy all year long. 

Vitamin C Serums 

Vitamin C serum is the most recommended serum to use all year long, but especially during the heat of summer. Vitamin C has many incredible health and beauty benefits, which includes preventing hyperpigmentation, improving the appearance of lines and wrinkles and boosting collagen production. Add a few drops of Vitamin C serum to your skin to help give it a nice glow. Don’t forget to apply your moisturizer!


Summer is the time to prioritize exfoliation. While you should never exfoliate the skin on a daily basis, it is important to keep up with it a few times a week in the summer. Exfoliation is a great routine that helps to open up pores and remove excess oil. Your skin will feel nice, soft and smooth. Say goodbye to sun damaged skin! 

Don’t forget to apply moisturizer after.

Limit direct sun exposure 

While summer is all about spending time outdoors, be mindful of how much sun exposure you are getting. Try your best to avoid direct sunlight as much as possible. Invest in a good pair of sunglasses with UV protection, a big hat and sun-protective clothing (like a rash guard for the pool or beach). When outside, wear your sunglasses and hat, sit under an umbrella and stay in the shade. This will help to prevent your skin from getting lines and wrinkles, as well as avoid heat exhaustion and headaches. 

All in all, by following these eight summer beauty tips, you will start to look (and feel) glowing! 

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