Simmer and Glimmer - The Power of Bone Broth by Nutritionist Whitney Stuart

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It’s getting cold here in Texas (finally!) and the sensation of dry skin is creeping up on us, somehow even with all the lotions and creams. It can be frustrating trying to figure out which hand cream, face cream, and even hand sanitizer, is going to cause the least damage on your skin and how to just keep your skin hydrated - isn’t it that simple? 

In addition to switching over to cleaner hand creams and less toxic body odor prevention, the real trick will be empowering the gut-brain-skin connection to glow from the inside out. The gut-skin connection is actually one of the strongest beneficial partnerships in the body, especially if you imagine all the external factors soaking in through our skin and entering our gut. In fact, a study done on the gut microbiome showed that about 7 to 11% of people with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), for instance, have psoriasis. 

Looking at another aspect of the skin and gut connection, are the common inflammatory ingredients and foods that we let enter our body and manifest into bad skin. These inflammatory factors are those such as sugar, alcohol and highly-processed gluten, and are found in most processed foods and the standard american diet. Speaking of diet, a low-fat diet, which happens to be a trend that never seems to go out of style, is just as bad for your gut as sugar and alcohol! We need healthy fats such as wild-caught fish, nuts and seeds, and our favorite, avocados, to support a strong and healthy system. 

In the past couple of years, I, as have many dietitians, have discovered a particular product that can contribute to a healthy gut, as well as an overall healthier immune system. This product is bone broth, which when made correctly, is full of nutritional benefits, such as collagen content and healthy fats. Actually, let’s dive into those benefits in a little more detail, and look at three nutritional benefits that bone broth offers. 


1. Bone broth is naturally high in collagen which supports healthy hair, skin and nails. Collagen is naturally occurring in all animal by-products, but comes in a more concentrated form when present in bone broth. Collagen is available in single dose supplements, but when simmered down within the bone broth you get the amino acids that are necessary for proteins to build the tissue. That’s why it’s an excellent post-workout beverage! 

2. As previously mentioned, healthy fats rich in Omegas are important for healthy gut functioning. Eating fats such as wild-caught fish, walnuts and hemp seeds are an excellent option, but not always the most accessible. Bone broth is full of healthy fats, with a  single cup of bone broth having anywhere from 14-16g of protein. Sipping on a cup of bone broth is just as easy, if not more than, unwrapping a sugar-laden protein bar. In fact, bone broth doesn't even have sugar, it’s just a clean protein made with artificial ingredients or additives. These healthy fats keep your skin, hair and nails glowing from the inside out. 

3. The essential nutrients found in bone broth can help improve clarity, energy levels and mood, all of which we need to be the powerful, go-getting women we are! If you think about the slow-simmer process of animal bones, it makes sense how the nutrients supporting their strong bodies, can in turn support our strong bodies. These are just a few of the specific nutrients found in bone broth that are rich in nutrients. 

4. The amino acid, glycine, which is found in bone broth, can help improve sleep quality and keep away the yawns. 

5. The mineral, calcium, which helps support bone growth and strength, as well as a healthy functioning heart and immune systems.

6. The mineral, iron, which supports growth, development and hormone production - this is another reason why bone broth is an excellent option during pregnancy

Bone broth is an excellent option for those with busy schedules or whom have the tendency to forget to make time to eat, as you can sip on your favorite broth on the go, just heat up and move! Another great way to incorporate bone broth into your diet is cooking with it, such as simmering your proteins in it, replacing water in the boiling of rice or quinoa, and of course, making a hearty, healthy soup with a bone broth base. 


Beauty and The Broth concentrates are the perfect addition to anyone and everyone's diet, as it can help improve the skin-gut relationship, as well as promote healthy digestion, bone strength, and energy. Whether it’s their chicken broth or beef broth concentrate, the low-calorie, high-protein products will keep you glowing from the inside out, all winter long! 


If you want to learn more about Whitney please visit her website, or follow her on Instagram @whitnessnutrition.

Beauty & the Broth

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