A Guide to Eating Well with Brandi Chang

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We teamed up with Brandi Chang, author of Family Style cookbook, to discuss with her how to create a healthy, balanced lifestyle through making smart food choices and eating well. 


A Guide to Eating Well With Brandi Chang

Since launching her first cookbook, ​Family Style​, television presenter Brandi Chang has set out to prove that you ​can​ eat healthy while still enjoying your favorite foods. We sat down with the author to find out which kitchen staples she stands by and where to begin when eating well.

Find What You Love to Eat

“I would say the first step to clean eating starts with finding foods you really enjoy and looking for healthy swaps and substitutes to avoid feeling deprived. Any diet that restricts you from eating what you love won’t be nearly as sustainable, or or satisfying. Think about which flavors you crave most and seek them in healthier alternatives. I recently found these amazing energy bars by Bearded Brothers that taste like a blueberry Fig Newton. I’m so obsessed, and they really satisfy my 4pm snack craving.”

Clean Eating Starts at the Store

“I always recommend keeping healthy snacks and ingredients on-hand at home. Swap your current shelf-stable staples like cane sugar for coconut sugar, and replace butter for coconut oil. Some other great healthy staples include maple syrup and honey, brown rice pasta, bone broth, and unsweetened almond milk. It’s so much easier to avoid sugary beverages or snacks if you simply don’t have them readily available. And I find it creates a nice balance to be able to then enjoy your food when dining out.”

Try Cooking at Home

“As often as you can, cook for yourself. Don’t get me wrong, I love the experience of dining in a restaurant or ordering takeout on a Sunday night. But as important as it is to find a balance in whatyou eat, it’s equally important to find a balance in whereyou eat. Restaurants, as delicious as they are, pack tons of added salt, butter and sugar into their dishes. I, for one, am never shy to ask for something sans butter, and if you ever have questions about how something is prepared, don’t be afraid to ask!”

The Family Style cookbook is now available on Amazon and at familystylebook.com.


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