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Organic Beef Bone Broth Concentrate

Great taste

Highly recommend for a healthy way to curb hunger between meals or to start the day off right. So easy to prepare and sip!

Influencer Box
Kim Lyons
Worth the splurge!

Love everything about the product! I wish it was a bit more budget friendly, but it’s worth the $$$ for the quality and taste!!

Vegan Broth Concentrate
Melinda Spangenberg
Not A Fan!

I love the beef and chicken bone broth concentrates but the vegan broth concentrate has an off-putting taste (I know it’s made from earthy vegetables, that’s not it). Plus, it’s hard to transfer from the pouch to cup, making it not easy for travel. I really wanted to like it.

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Brianna Perruzza
Amazing Bone Broth!

Stunning packaging. I love the concentrated bone broth. I used to drink powder but this is the best bone broth I’ve had!

Good but $$$

This is an amazing product! Love everything about it but the price. I'll support the brand because I truly believe in the quality, but truly hope the production cost can come down.

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Belinda Post
The box is beautifully made

I recommended this as a gift for your health conscious friend. It was beautifully crafted. I tried the broth in a chicken stew I made and it was delicious. I am yet to try the beef though!

Organic Beef Bone Broth Concentrate

vegan broth

I like the mushroom broth, would like to see another vegan version just for variety. It is a very strong mushroom flavor. I made a lentil soup from the broth and it was rich and satisfying.


This mushroom broth is literally the yummiest thing ever. I am fully addicted. I love cooking with it, it gives recipes the umami flavor that makes for an impressive flavorful dish. It is also my go to when I'm feeling sick! I add just ginger and garlic and eat that until I'm feeling well.

By Far The Best Broths period.

I have been making Bone Broth for the last several years.. Also ,during this time I have purchased Ready Made Broths or concentrates from just about everyone out there... The Beauty and the Beast Broths are the absolute Best!


I love your broths ... all three flavors. I use them a lot in preparing all kinds of different dishes as it really enhances the food. They are all delicious. My favorite is the mushroom! Thank you Beauty & the Broth

Feel Better Broth

After drinking this broth I felt better the first day and this feeling of wellness and more energy continued every day I drank 1 cup of broth.


The taste is so strong I’ve diluted both the chicken and beef bone broth in more water than directed and cannot handle the taste very unsatisfied with taste of product

sample pack

Hello-I found the Beauty and the Brother Customer Support helpful, but I personally do not care for the taste of the broth in the sample pack. I have learned if I don't like the taste, I won't consume it. Many thanks Beauty and the Broth.

New to B&B

Just drank it a few times so far so too early to evaluate any benefits. For me, the taste is influenced by either the odor from the cup that was included with the order or the broth package…which makes the taste seem just okay. Will try it without the sipping cup and see if it makes a difference.


Wonderful product. Tastes great.

All good!!

It was great to be able to try all the flavours and pick my favourite- they are all amazing!!

The best-tasting bone broth I've tried so far!

This bone broth is the best I've tried so far: in terms of taste, portability, and ingredients profile. I just wish there was a third flavor! This is on the pricey side though so I'll just keep a few for times when I travel and I'm on my longer fasts. I will still make my own bone broth for my regular consumption.


Love all the flavors and I feel so great after having it! I also love that it's so easy and convenient for when I don't want to cook or get take out.


Product is good, overpriced compared to competition, less value than expected.

Organic Chicken Bone Broth Concentrate

A Delicious and Healthy Bone Broth Product

I love the versatility and ease of use of each of the Beauty and the Broth flavors. They provide a boost in protein and collagen following a recent surgery that I have enjoyed looking forward to each day. The quality and consistency of each packet remains outstanding

Love this bone broth!

Love the convenience of the packets, love the rich flavor. I have made my own bone broth which is delicious but this is great to have on hand and I also know the ingredients are clean and well-sourced.


good, but badly overpriced.