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Based on 121 reviews
Love it!

I love this stuff! Very expensive but not only is it a health staple, but it is also delicious and so easy to have anywhere! Just mix with hot water (and I always add some Redmonds Real Salt) and you have the perfect drink. Great for breaking a fast, having as a snack or during an energy slump or as part of your meal. Delicious & Nutritious!

No response from customer service

I received a badly damaged box in early September and sent multiple emails following the procedure in the Beauty and the Broth website but have gotten no response. I asked for a credit for the shipment which is all that is offered. Still nothing.

5 stars for convenience

I usually prefer beef for health reasons, but the chicken broth was a bit tastier to me. I loved them both. I recommend these for travel. Yes, real broth is pricier than "soup", but it's made differently. If you want soup, there are other places to buy that. This is Organic Bone broth!

The taste was not what I was expecting.and it’s very expensive

A bit sour for my liking.

I like the beef better than the chicken but may take a while to get used to it. Purchased a bunch for travel for myself and my daughter (16) and won’t likely bring it along. But think it’s quality and flavorful, but again a bit sour for me/us.

Shocked and disappointed

I wrote to your customer service multiple times alerting them that some of the flavors were way past their expiration date. Even sent pictures. But no one had the courtesy to respond which was incredibly disappointing. So it’s hard to review something which expiration has passed.


Works for skin immediately (!)
& digestion very quickly too.

Very Tasty and Filling

I’ve been drinking these on and off for months. It’s a great easy, hearty and healthy snack. I just heat up some water in my electric kettle and add the packet in.

Always feel filled up and warm after, and know I just did my body a favor by drinking these. Good stuff!!

I love the bone broth...however...I have a delivery suggestion please..

Yes..bone broth nice.

No...please don't ship in those UPS pouches that have all of that horrible lint-like dust that sprays everywhere when you cut it open. My original shipments came in a box. Much more classy and they hold the broth bags nicely....can you kindly go back to that please? Thank you so much!

Larry Goldsmith

Do not have it

I would review if I had it delivered. Still waiting. Incredibly long wait time.


The beef broth is delicious and filling.

Still in love

I’ve been buying these packets for a couple years now. I take them on the road for work and use them at home too. Current fave breakfast: chicken bone broth egg drop miso soup. I add ginger tincture and a drop of toasted sesame oil. Super fast and keeps me satiated for hours.

Organic Beef Bone Broth Concentrate

Great taste

Highly recommend for a healthy way to curb hunger between meals or to start the day off right. So easy to prepare and sip!

Influencer Box
Kim Lyons
Worth the splurge!

Love everything about the product! I wish it was a bit more budget friendly, but it’s worth the $$$ for the quality and taste!!

Vegan Broth Concentrate
Melinda Spangenberg
Not A Fan!

I love the beef and chicken bone broth concentrates but the vegan broth concentrate has an off-putting taste (I know it’s made from earthy vegetables, that’s not it). Plus, it’s hard to transfer from the pouch to cup, making it not easy for travel. I really wanted to like it.

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Brianna Perruzza
Amazing Bone Broth!

Stunning packaging. I love the concentrated bone broth. I used to drink powder but this is the best bone broth I’ve had!

Good but $$$

This is an amazing product! Love everything about it but the price. I'll support the brand because I truly believe in the quality, but truly hope the production cost can come down.

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Belinda Post
The box is beautifully made

I recommended this as a gift for your health conscious friend. It was beautifully crafted. I tried the broth in a chicken stew I made and it was delicious. I am yet to try the beef though!

Organic Beef Bone Broth Concentrate

vegan broth

I like the mushroom broth, would like to see another vegan version just for variety. It is a very strong mushroom flavor. I made a lentil soup from the broth and it was rich and satisfying.


This mushroom broth is literally the yummiest thing ever. I am fully addicted. I love cooking with it, it gives recipes the umami flavor that makes for an impressive flavorful dish. It is also my go to when I'm feeling sick! I add just ginger and garlic and eat that until I'm feeling well.

By Far The Best Broths period.

I have been making Bone Broth for the last several years.. Also ,during this time I have purchased Ready Made Broths or concentrates from just about everyone out there... The Beauty and the Beast Broths are the absolute Best!


I love your broths ... all three flavors. I use them a lot in preparing all kinds of different dishes as it really enhances the food. They are all delicious. My favorite is the mushroom! Thank you Beauty & the Broth

Feel Better Broth

After drinking this broth I felt better the first day and this feeling of wellness and more energy continued every day I drank 1 cup of broth.