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Based on 89 reviews

Product is good, overpriced compared to competition, less value than expected.

Organic Chicken Bone Broth Concentrate

A Delicious and Healthy Bone Broth Product

I love the versatility and ease of use of each of the Beauty and the Broth flavors. They provide a boost in protein and collagen following a recent surgery that I have enjoyed looking forward to each day. The quality and consistency of each packet remains outstanding

Love this bone broth!

Love the convenience of the packets, love the rich flavor. I have made my own bone broth which is delicious but this is great to have on hand and I also know the ingredients are clean and well-sourced.


good, but badly overpriced.



Chicken Concentrate

Love it! Highly recommend for anyone who has gut issues as I do. It is very effective.

Organic Mixed Bone Broth Concentrate

Great product!

I would have give in it a five because it is an ingenious product. Easy, fast, convenient, tastes great, not to mention all the great benefits you get from broth. The reason I did give it four stars is because since the first time I purchased it it seemed the quality had gone down. It is not as thick and flavorful As when the company first started. For such a small pack at eight dollars it adds up especially when quality changes it’s noticeable.

Tastes Great!

I’ve really enjoyed both the beef and chicken bone broth. It tastes great and love all the health benefits that comes along with this high quality product.

Not Ready to Commit

Taste good but wish it was stronger tasting without needing to use less H20. Like that t doesn’t need to be frozen and are single serving portions.

The best Bone Broth on the market today

Hi everyone! I want to start off by saying that I had many varieties of bone broth throughout the years as a base for gravy, turkey stuffing, making soups and I’ve not found anything until recently as The Beauty and The Broth.
Chicken soup as I like to call it, has always been a staple for helping the common cold and various other ailments. However, none that I know of have the ingredients that my Mom used to use until now and I am 65!
Not only do women (and probably men) my age suffer from digestive issues, but they develop arthritic problems and yes, skin issues!
Since using The Beauty and The Broth, my stomach issues have improved tremendously as well as my rosacea (skin). This product also helps joint issues. The concentrated collagen helps the cartilage around your joints, especially my knees.
Try it…you have nothing to lose and only to gain. My preference is chicken, but if you like beef or vegan you must try.

Health & Beauty

I did not imagine I would come to enjoy the taste of the chicken bone broth. And yet, I did. Ever afternoon I make drink and put in the sleeve it came with. I read the benefits as I sip, and a feeling like self-soothing comes every time. Thank you kindly.

Not Ready To Commit Starter Pack

Very tasty

Definitely enjoying them. Will have to buy more soon.

Tasty & comforting

Love this broth! It is tasty and comforting. I haven't tried the beef broth yet, but I had the chicken and definitely prefer the mushroom/vegan broth. I found the chicken to be super mild in flavor, whereas the vegan broth has some complexity. Def recommend!

You need broth for that!!

I have LOVED my broth!! Everyone who has told me any ailment they may have over the last two weeks has now heard my say “you need broth for that!”

Organic Mixed Bone Broth Concentrate

THANK YOU for reducing your packaging to me

It took a lot of squeaky-wheeling on my part but I was finally able to get my beloved bone broth only, in a plain box with minimal packaging. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. Please consider offering this as an alternative service.


I am very satisfied with the bone broth they make here at beauty and the broth.

Beauty Elixir

I am blown away by beauty and the broth the chicken and beef flavor are both equally delicious.. it truly makes my skin supple and overall gives my skin that beautiful glow.

So soothing to open my eating window

Beauty & the Broth is my new go-to to open my eating window. It goes down so smoothly. It soothes my gut, helps me extend a bit more time before eating and finally I am prepared for food.


I really like the chicken broth! Beef is good as well but I lean towards the chicken more.

Comforting and satisfying

This bone broth hits the spot after a long day or a long fast (or both). It feels so good to put something so nutritious and healing into my system, knowing it is giving my body exactly what it needs to feel nourished and pampered.

Best Taste EVER!

I’ve been a bone broth fan for a few years now, but Beauty and the Broth is the best tasting broth hands down! I’ve seen the benefits in my hair, skin, nails, and gut health.
Also, the packaging is my absolute favorite. Thank you SO much for developing this product - thoughtful and pure from ingredients to packaging. I’ll be a customer for life!