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Beauty and the Broth is a company for beauty from the inside and out.  We use culinary health to bring out the best benefits for our appearance, body, and overall wellness.  We are living proof that beauty does truly come from the inside.  Taking care of your gut is the key to fabulous skin, hair, nails and more!

Our bone broth concentrate is made from scratch.  All ingredients are simmered together.  No pre-made concentrates or re-constituted bases.It is slowly simmered for up to 24hrs, NOT pressure or kettle cooked like many other broths on the market which gives it 2x the flavor and benefits of other broths on the market! All ingredients are certified USDA organic with NO Artificial flavors or colors. Did I mention all our bones come from USDA organic free-range or ranch-raised farms? Our broth is shelf stable with NO PRESERVATIVES. Just a gentle heat treatment that helps retain the most flavor and benefits!


Our product is shelf-stable and does not need to be refrigerated or frozen until opened.

It is delivered in a recyclable box with our reusable BPA-Free rice husk cup, sleeve and your concentrate pouches.

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Bone broth concentrate is a slow-simmered broth which has been super-reduced to a thick gelatinous paste. When mixed with water, it turns into a delicious sipping broth!

Concentrated broth is:

  1. Convenient (can bring with you anywhere)
  2. Versatile (can sip slowly or use in your favorite recipes!)
  3. Environmentally friendly (less packaging)

For our concentrate, we have taken traditionally prepared bone broth and then reduced (concentrated/ cooked out) most of the water. Concentrated bone broth simply has less water than regular bone broth and as a result has more nutrients and flavor!

Not all bone broths are created equal. Many of the bone broths on the market are kettle or pressure cooked which breaks down ingredient nutrients and potency.  We don’t pressure or kettle cook our broths, we let all those amazing ingredients slowly simmer for up to 24hrs. 

The quality of bone broth is often measured using % of solids. % of soluble solids measures the presence and quantity of everything from flavor compounds, proteins, collagen and  nutrients that are present in the broth. Home-made bone broth is usually around 1-2% solids and most of the other liquid bone broths on the market are around 3% solids. Our bone broth concentrate has 8x the % of solids compared to the big box brands.

This means more of the good stuff like flavor, protein and collagen per sip, we guarantee it! Simply add your desired amount of water to customize your tasting experience. We recommend 8oz but are guilty of sometimes adding none!

  • We’re not selling you water! Concentrate is better because you’re getting the concentrated good stuff. MANY major retail bone broth products are as high as 97% water in their product
  • With concentrate, you can control how much water to add in based on your taste preferences. This controls how strong the flavor is and how long the concentrate lasts, etc.
  • You can eat a tablespoon of concentrate and get all the nutritional value for the day, or add it to an 8oz. cup of water and sip. I personally have been guilty of both. You can use the product to make instant bone broth for all your favorite recipes! Or use it as the flavor base for sauces and soups to thicken and give body/flavor. Lot's of culinary AND sipping flexibility with the concentrate, that you simply do not get from a carton of liquid broth.
  • It’s uber convenient so you can carry in your purse, lunch box, etc. Since you don’t need to refrigerate, the possibilities are endless.
  • Environmentally friendly so less packaging and less cost to ship!

We let all those amazing ingredients simmer for up to 24hrs. This process yields a flavorful, collagen rich and nutrient-dense bone broth concentrate that is beyond any other you've ever tasted, we guarantee it! Our bone broths are PALEO, KETO-FRIENDLY and GLUTEN FREE, with NO ADDED FLAVORINGS, SALT OR PRESERVATIVES.

Our concentrate is packaged in a 3oz. freezer and refrigerator safe pouch that can be recycled once rinsed. DO NOT microwave bone broth while in pouch.

It sure is!

All of our herbs, veggies, chicken and beef bones are USDA certified organic.  The chicken is free-range and vegetarian-fed, while the beef is ranch-raised and grass-fed without added hormones or antibiotics!

Both our chicken and beef broths are Paleo and Keto friendly. Our products are compliant with the established dietary foundations around the Paleo and Keto communities.  See our product ingredients for more details. 

We source all of our chicken and beef bones from certified-organic farms located in the USA who follow strict humane handling and animal raising practices. We purchase whole, intact bones (not ground by-products) and simmer intact to add rich, depth of flavor and keep nutrients intact.

Our preferred method is emptying out the contents of the concentrate pouch into our reusable cup and filling it with 5oz of water (to the outside line) and heat for 1 1/2minutes.  OR you can empty out the pouch into a pot, place on your stove top,  add 5oz of water and heat until it slightly bubbles on the exterior.  But whatever your choice is, DO NOT MICROWAVE THE POUCH please.

Our suppliers demonstrate a commitment to the health and wellbeing of every animal and don’t add hormones or antibiotics. Ever.

Our reusable cup is made with sustainability in mind. It’s made primarily out of sustainable rice husk which is super environmentally friendly.  It’s BPA- free and made without harsh or toxic plastic compounds.  It’s also anti-bacterial and safe for repeated uses.  As well as microwave, dishwasher, and freezer safe.  It’s pretty much AWESOME.


All our concentrates should be used within 12 months (the date printed on the pouch), if unopened. Once opened, the product should be refrigerated and used within 1 week.

Our product is single serve and when the single pouch is open it would need to be refrigerated if not finished!


The most convenient and cost-effective way to integrate bone broth into your daily beauty routine and lifestyle is by starting a subscription program with us. Changing your lifestyle and getting those inside out beauty benefits requires consistency. We recommend drinking 1 bone broth per day but we’re letting you decide the number of pouches and the frequency of delivery to cater to your specific needs. We offer weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly deliveries to fit your busy schedule. Best of all, we don’t have any commitments, contracts, or hidden fees. You can cancel any time after your first order.

Simply choose the flavor and number of broths you want (minimum order 12), pick your subscription frequency and place your order. It’s that simple! While you cannot cancel your first order, there is absolutely no commitment beyond that. You can manage your subscription (including skipping weeks) to best fit your schedule!  The higher the frequency, the better the price break and the better the benefits!

Simply go to the accounts page (upper right corner). There, you will be able to “manage your subscription” by add more or less! 

Once we receive your order, we will send  you an e-mail and provide you with tracking information!


Collect 6 of our re-usable cups and send them back to us for money off your next order.

Send the cups and lids (6 cups and 6 lids) to:

  • Beauty and the Broth
    8581 Santa Monica blvd #298
    West Hollywood, CA 90069
  • And shoot us an email at info@thebeautyandthebroth.com giving us the heads up or who you are and where you want your broth delivered!