Yes, You Can Have Bone Broth As A Part Of Your Daily Diet Even While Traveling The World. Here's How

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Staying Healthy And In Good Mood While Traveling The World

Travel, whether for work or pleasure, can take a toll on our bodies through stress, fatigue, and exposure to countless pathogens. Experienced nomads know how crucial it is to maintain a healthy immune system during their trips to avoid getting sick.

Eating healthy while traveling almost seems impossible. Many people feel that when they’re on a vacation or on a trip, it’s time to put their healthy eating habits on hold. And while trying new foods and relaxing a bit with your diet is fine, our healthy eating habits don’t have to be completely neglected.

This is the season when many of us are spending time on the road or in airports. And for some of us, living on dinner and airline food for even a day isn't an option.

So, if you’re planning on pushing through the crowded airports and waiting in lines to take that selfie at Pura Luhur Lempuyang temple in Bali, maybe consider adding the nutrient-rich superfood, bone broth, to your daily routine today. 

Let’s first explore why exactly are we prone to falling ill during travel. Then we will learn how consuming bone broth is an easy and natural way to boost your immunity and avoid sickness while traveling.

Why Is Traveling Sometimes Taking Such A Toll On Our Health?

Whether you’re getting on the road for a weekend family road trip or solo- flying across the globe, travel can increase your chances of getting sick for several reasons. Here are some of them:

  • Contaminated food or water
  • Exposure to pathogens in public spaces, such as airplanes, trains, buses, restrooms, and restaurants. 
  • Travel-related anxiety and stress
  • Jet-lag
  • Inadequate or alternate diets

The factors listed above can contribute to falling ill during or after travel, yet many are unavoidable. For example, boarding a plane, visiting public places, or navigating crowds are common and often required travel experiences that potentially expose you to countless pathogens.  

Studies had shown that the flu and other airborne viruses can spread up to six feet away via droplets made when people sneeze, cough, or talk. 

In addition to the high likelihood of transmission in an enclosed space, air travel poses a unique set of risks to our immune systems. Although commercial passenger aircraft have high-efficiency particulate air filters, which filter microscopic particles from the air, cabins have low humidity levels. Studies show that low humidity can reduce tissue repair and dry up the mucosa in the nose. Therefore, exposure to dry air increases your risk of infection with the flu or other airborne viruses.

Now we know why it’s common to fall sick during or after traveling, it’s time to explore how bone broth can help your body defend itself.

How Can Bone Broth Help Our Body Stay Healthy While Traveling?

Improving gut health: 

   The next time you have a gut feeling, it’s going to be a good one. The amino acids in bone broth can help lower inflammation in your intestines, helping improve digestion and easing discomfort. Reducing inflammation in your body can also help you look younger and feel more energetic, so you can follow up on that tight traveling schedule. 

Strengthening your joints: 

   Bone broth contains gelatin, which is shown to improve the connective tissue between joints, which gets worn down as a result of use and damage. Gelatine also helps bolster the amount of collagen, which will not just ease aches and pains, but protect your body against future wear. Now you don’t have to worry about how will those steep climbs up the stairs at The Montagne de Bueren, Belgium, affect your knees. 

Boosts your immune system: 

   Our ancestors may have been onto something when cooking chicken soups to fight off colds. The magnesium in bone broth, along with other vitamins and minerals, helps power the immune system. With bone broth, you don’t have to fear getting the cold just before your important flight to the next destination. 

Improves your sleep:

   Bone broth contains glycine, which has been shown to enhance sleep quality, especially when paired with calcium and magnesium, which also promote a restful snooze. Pair it with these foods for a truly relaxing meal. This will help you sleep better, so you’ll feel up for a long day of enjoying the beach, swimming with whales, or exploring the city at your destination. 

What Else Can You Do To Stay Healthy While On The Road?

  • Avoid aisle seats on planes. 

You may want to be more careful when selecting when it comes to booking your seat on a plane. Yes, you can get up easily. But not only will you get less rest when your neighbor makes you get up, but you also might be exposed to more germs. One probable reason is that people walking up and down the aisle have a tendency to grab onto the top of the aisle seat for support, potentially spreading germs.

  • Keep yourself hydrated

It’s easy to lose track of how much water you’re actually drinking when hiking or spending a day at the beach. Keep a water bottle with you wherever you go, and get a good head start to the day by drinking two full glasses of water upon waking up.

  • Be careful with what you eat and drink

Be sure to consume foods that are prepared properly. Only eat meat that is fully cooked and served steaming hot, and steer clear of raw vegetables. Also be aware that in some countries, tap water may not be safe to drink, so bottled water is a safer bet. Ice cubes are often a hidden source of germs, so avoid them too.

While you may want to try every dish and drink during every meal while on vacation, especially in an all-inclusive resort, overindulging can lead to low energy and tiredness. This can lead to you wasting valuable vacation time. So, please do enjoy yourself, but stay moderated. More is not always better.

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