Supporting A Strong Immune System With The Help Of Bone Broth

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Boost Your Immune System With The Power Of Bone Broth

Are you looking for a straightforward way to boost your immunity and supply your body with multiple valuable nutrients?  You’ve found it: it’s bone broth! Loaded with essential amino acids, collagen and minerals it is a great complement to your diet for numerous reasons.  

Bone broth is not a new thing, a passing fad. It has been around throughout human history, leaving its tasty mark on multiple different cultures. 

Bone broth contains gelatine, glucosamine, and essential amino acids. The gelatin assists with digestion by remedying your gut which in turn supports your immunity. The glucosamine and amino acids aid in bodies battle against inflammation. It also helps joints stay functional. It can also help strengthen bones and muscle tissue.  Bone broth is palliative and it sustains intestinal health by recharging collagen levels. Amino acids such as arginine and proline in the collagen are the building blocks for the protective layer of tissue in the digestive tract.

Arginine, Cysteine, And Glutamine May Help Ease Inflammation

Studies have found that chicken and beef soup really can reduce the symptoms of upper respiratory infections in people with a cold. The longer the bone broth cooks, the richer it gets in the concentration of its valuable nutrients. Scientists believe the amino acids in broth and stock like arginine, cysteine, and glutamine help ease inflammation and boost immunity. Proteins play a critical role in multiple bodily functions and in maintaining our overall health. Amino acids and anti-inflammatory bone broth benefits make bone broth a potent immune-system booster. And it may allow shortening the lasting of and even prevention of colds and some other immunity-related conditions.

Bone Broth Has Always Been An Important Part Of Human Diet

Our ancestors ate a collagen-rich diet by consuming whole animal parts, including the skin, tendons, and ligaments of the animals they ate. Unfortunately, most modern diets have strayed from this way of eating and most of our diets are lacking in good sources of collagen. However, eating more animal parts is not the most appealing concept for many people. Thankfully, there are a few other ways to get more collagen in your diet without having to chew on a chicken bone! 

Bone broth is made from slow-cooking animal bones, tendons, and ligaments with filtered water, vegetables, fresh herbs, and other seasonings. This cooking method releases collagen and other key nutrients from the collagen-rich animal parts into a delicious broth. You can make bone broth from pretty much any animal protein. Most bone broth recipes call for fish, beef, or chicken.

Which Type Of Bone Broth Should You Consume?

Each type of bone broth has its own benefits. For example, fish bone broth has the most bioavailable form of collagen. Beef bone broth is especially good for your skin and gut. Chicken bone broth is excellent for joint health. We make sure our bone broth comes from animals that are grass-fed, pasture-raised, free-range, antibiotic, and hormone/chemical-free!

How Does Bone Broth Fight Pathogens?

A healthy immune system works tirelessly to hunt down pathogenic cells and destroy them before you feel any negative effects. Bone broth contains essential nutrients that help your immune system to function properly. Bone broth has several essential amino acids which aid the immune system:

  •  Arginine. Essential for the proper functioning of the immune system as well as the liver.
  •  Glutamine. It helps to speed up your metabolism so that your immune system does its job more quickly and efficiently.
  • Glycine. Boosts glutathione production and improves your quality of sleep, which is essential for an effective immune system.

Inflammation Reducing Properties Of Bone Broth

Inflammation has many causes and all kinds of negative effects on your body’s health. Specifically, inflammation is often induced when unprocessed particles of food ooze through openings in a weakened intestinal lining, entering the bloodstream.

The immune system detects these intruders and becomes hyperactive, resulting in inflammation and a high level of antibodies that create an autoimmune response and attack healthy tissue. Bone broth can aid to repair gut health, stopping particles from percolating through and resulting in healthy and suitable levels of inflammation response rather than disproportionate inflammation.


Collagen Has Numerous Benefits For The Immune System

Collagen has beneficial effects on a variety of autoimmune diseases, as well as for leaky gut syndrome, in which food seeps through openings in the intestinal lining. Collagen has beneficial effects on healthy connective tissues, which enables these tissues to resist pathogens and possibly even ward off the development of cancer cells.

However, it is important to point out that all these nutritional benefits are based on how much gelatin and other vitamins and minerals are actually in the broth you are drinking. Like all things, quality does matter. A bowl of broth a day keeps the doctor away.

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