Nutritional Difference Between Chicken & Beef Bone Broth

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When it comes to flavor, chicken offers a milder profile that is easier to integrate into any dish, whereas beef offers a bolder more distinct one. But other than flavor, what nutritional qualities make up the difference between beef bone broth and chicken bone broth, and what choice might be the best for you? Both chicken and beef bone broths offer tremendous health and wellness benefits, read more to find out about a few of their key distinctions!


Let’s start with the Omegas

Chicken contains more Omega-6 fats and beef has more Omega-3 fats. Both Omega-6 and Omega-3 are healthy unsaturated fats, but we tend to get more Omega-6 fats through our diet. Omega-3 is a crucial part of our human cell membranes and plays a role in improving heart health, mental health, reducing weight and waist size, decreasing liver fat, supporting infant brain development, and fighting inflammation. It can be found in salmon, mackerel, eggs, flaxseed, and walnuts. Omega-6 on the other hand can be found in soybeans, corn, nuts, seeds, meat, poultry, fish, and eggs. There is not as much research on the health benefits of Omega-6 fats, but we know that it plays a crucial role in brain functioning, helps stimulate skin and hair growth, maintains bone health, regulates the metabolism, and maintains the reproductive system. If you are low on healthy Omega-3 fats, then maybe give our beef bone broth a try!


Beef for gut and digestive health 

Beef bone broth is mostly made up of type III collagen which is a component of glycine. Glycine is an amino acid that lays down new connective tissues in your gut that help fight inflammation by protecting the mucosal layer (small intestine and GI tract) in your stomach. This helps your stomach be more resilient to food that causes inflammation, making it the better choice for your gut health. 


Chicken for healthy joints and glowing skin

Chicken Bone Broth is mostly type II collagen which is great for skin health. Some studies have shown that type II collagen can reduce visible signs of skin aging (wrinkles, crows feet), while also increasing hydration in skin, hair, teeth and nails. This works by increasing collagen and hyaluronic acid in the skin — the research on this is still in the early stages, but it looks promising. Type II collagen can also help alleviate joint and tendon pain.  



Beef for a good mood, relaxation and better sleep

As mentioned earlier, there is more glycine in beef. Glycine is an amino acid that can improve the quality of your sleep if taken before bed. It does so by lowering your body temperature, which allows you to relax more. Glycine also increases levels of serotonin naturally without increasing dopamine. Serotonin is the main hormone and neurotransmitter that stabilizes our mood, feelings of well-being, and overall happiness. It also helps with sleeping, eating, and digestion. Sip on some beef bone broth in the evening and revel in the benefits of a stabilized mood, relaxation, good digestive health, and improved sleep.



Chicken for better muscle recovery

Chicken bone broth has around 45% more leucine than beef bone broth. Leucine is an amino acid that is essential for muscle recovery, by helping to build and maintain muscle. If building muscle is one of your wellness goals, then chicken bone broth might be the better choice for you. 



Which bone broth wins?

Both bone broths are wonderful sources of vitamins and nutrients such as collagen and amino acids. More studies are of course needed to unpack the full benefits of bone broths. But with the knowledge we have today, it seems like beef bone broth may be better for supporting your gut and digestive health, as well as improving your sleep, mood, and relaxation. Whereas chicken bone broth may be the better choice for quicker recovery time in the gym, healthy joints, and glowing skin. Choose whichever is more convenient for you, because any bone broth is still better than none! Or just do a mixture of both like we do at Beauty & the Broth -- beef for the evenings, and chicken for the day, and marvel in the boundless beauty and wellness benefits that bone broth has to offer.


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