How Your Diet Affects Sleep with Sarah Wragge

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Do you find yourself restless at night with a difficulty falling asleep? Have you ever wondered how the foods you eat may affect your sleep? We partnered with Holistic Nutritionist and Wellness Coach, Sarah Wragge to explain the reasons why! Sarah is a Certified Holistic Health Coach and Certified Functional Nutrition Coach, who once struggled with chronic digestive and health issues, before a Holistic Nutritionist helped her make a connection between food and her symptoms. She was then inspired to start her own Holistic Nutrition and Wellness Coach brand, Sarah Wragge Wellness. She is also the co-founder of the reFRESH Society, co-host of the Inside Scoop and co-host of The Way with Stacey Griffith.   

We asked Sarah to discuss the relationship between diet and sleep, and how certain foods affect sleep. 

1. Which foods are more likely to disrupt sleep? 

Sugar, alcohol and caffeine. 

2. How can a healthy diet improve sleep?

By eating a diet focused on real, whole foods - you increase satiety and keep blood sugars stabilized. When your body is more balanced, you will sleep better!

3. When should you stop eating before bed?

3 hours before bed. 

4. Can going to bed hungry affect sleep? How?

When your body is hungry, your insulin levels are low and that can disrupt sleep. I often recommend to clients to eat their complex carbs at night in order to help them sleep more deeply. Complex carbs take longer to digest and release glucose into the bloodstream at a steadier pace.

They have a sugar structure, called starch, that requires your body to work harder to access it. This means that complex carbohydrates release their energy slowly, allowing you to stay satiated throughout sleep.

5. What are some tips to improve sleep?

  • Use a dry brush to stimulate your body's lymphatic system, followed by a hot bath.
  • Use my SWW bath cocktail recipe - 1 cup of baking soda, 2 cups of magnesium flakes (more bioavailable than epsom salt) + essential oils. 
  • Drink a mineral supplement (I like this one) to replenish and restore your body. This is a foolproof way to get a deep restful sleep.

6. What is your top health tip? 

DRINK WATER. I cannot stress this enough. Hydration is the key to everything. When we sleep, it's our bodies natural time to detox - so when you wake it's important to flush.

To learn more about Sarah and her wellness programs, be sure to visit her website, and check her out on Instagram


Looking for more? Check out our founder Melissa’s exclusive Instagram Live with Sarah, to learn more about Holistic Healing and Nutrition! 

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