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Gorgeous and glowing skin starts from within. The skin safeguards our inner health from being very much exposed to the damages brought about by lifestyle and diet. We couldn't agree more to the saying "you are what you eat" when we talk about skin routines. 

It pays to give attention to what we usually eat as much as what we spend in choosing the best skincare product to use and store in the bathroom cabinet. Include in your meal a healthy colorful product with some good fats and a lot of water which will certainly make your skin glow and regenerate though this requires the right number of nutrients to maintain. 

When you turn 30, collagen production generally begins to slow down so be sure to increase the intake of food that will keep a nourishing skin and a healthy diet. Not only should you concentrate on fruits and vegetables but also have a conscious effort to cut down on preservatives and sugar. A cleaner, natural, fresh food diet is still the best in giving you that feel better attitude, which can transform into a radiant and youthful complexion.  

I have written in this article nourishing foods that you can include in your diet to achieve the beautiful skin you've been wanting to. Read on and stock on your fridge after.

Fish Oil and Omega-3 

This is found in salmon and mackerel which can prevent you from having flaky skin. By eating more of these fish and other varieties of fatty fish in your diet, your skin becomes moisturized and you also get a dose of vitamin E, which is an essential skin antioxidant. These kinds of fish also have zinc which enhances the growth of new skin cells. If you're not into eating fish, you can substitute walnuts as a snack or salad topping which is another good source of essential fatty acids. 

Vitamin E 

This supplement is an antioxidant, and a good intake will protect you from the damaging effects of Ultraviolet rays. Known to be rich in Vitamin E are sunflower seeds, almonds and peanuts but a smaller amount can also be found in avocados, spinach and butternut squash.

Vitamin C 

This supplement aids in strengthening the immune system and being protected with all kinds of cold. In addition, vitamin C also enhances collagen production which is essential in having that ageless look. Vitamin C is also a good source of sunscreen that can reduce damage to skin cells. This supplement is very affordable and readily available in any drugstore. You can also meet your daily requirement of Vitamin C through fresh fruits and vegetables like orange, strawberries, broccoli and spinach. To keep you hydrated while having that daily exercise, you can sneak in lemon water that will keep you refreshed all day.


Known to be rich in Lycopene, this fruit also has a phytonutrient which gives fruits and vegetables their pink or red color. Eating tomatoes gives you natural protection from the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Lycopene is best absorbed when cooked and combined with healthy fat and is also abundant in guava, watermelon and asparagus.   

Amino Collagen Broth 

This contains specially prepared bone broth which has more collagen and readily available nutrients and minerals to keep your skin look young. It is a highly nutritious drink that can support the body and function at its best. Bone broth is highly beneficial to your skin because it supports your body's ability to create collagen for a youthful glow. 


Consists of pure collagen which is the most overflowing protein in the body. This protein maintains the strength and elasticity of the skin. To date, there has been a study that dietary collagen can keep the skin hydrated and can prevent the formation of deep wrinkles. Collagen can also be found in the gut and has a role in healing and repairing tissues which leads to better absorption of nutrients for fairer complexion.

Apple and Pineapple

As the saying goes "an apple a day, keeps the doctor away", this mighty fruit contains Vitamin B and C which helps in strengthening hair and nails. It also speeds up production of cells. Pineapple on the other hand, produces the enzyme bromelain which has been long used in bandaging for faster wound-healing. It fights inflammation, reduces eye bags and also makes an awesome exfoliating facial mask. 

It actually takes 8 to 10 weeks for skin cells to regenerate and have that youthful glow. You need to keep going on a healthy eating lifestyle to achieve beautiful skin and see improvements all over your body. Eating food that will boost your immune system is another key to having noticeably radiant skin. With a positive outlook in life and healthy thoughts, you are close to having that perfect skin and great personality.


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