Bone Broth Is An Incredibly Powerful Immune System Booster

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Immunity-Boosting Effects Of Bone Broth 

Bone broth has probably been a part of the human diet all the way back since we started cooking, but right now it's becoming increasingly popular. Among other reasons, this is partly due to bone broths' immune-boosting properties. Bone broth is packed with natural minerals and is high in iron content and antioxidants. This makes it a great and efficient all-around immunity booster and health support supplement. People are adding it to their everyday diet more and more by the day.

Bone broth is rich in micronutrients, minerals, and amino acids, making it a wonderful healthy dietary choice. 

Bone Broth And Its Health Benefits

Bone broth contains proline and glycine, which your body uses to build its own connective tissue. This includes tendons, which connect muscles to bones, and ligaments, which connect bones to each other. Bone broth also contains glucosamine and chondroitin, which are natural compounds found in cartilage.

Bone broth also helps the body battle aging and tissue inflammation. Health benefits of bone broth include weight management, better hydration, improved sleep and nutrition, just to name a few. 

What Exactly Is The Immune System?

The immune system is made up of special organs, cells, and chemicals that fight infection by bad bacteria. The main elements of the immune system are white blood cells, antibodies, the complement system, the lymphatic system, the spleen, the thymus, and the blood cells producing bone marrow. These are the parts of your immune system that are active in your body's fight against all kinds of infections.

The immune system holds track of every microbe it has ever had an encounter with. This information is stored in types of white blood cells (B- and T-lymphocytes), which are for this reason called memory cells. This means it can identify and eliminate the microbe quickly if it enters the body again. This happens before the microbe has a chance to grow,  multiply and make you feel sick.

Parts Of The Immune System

  • White blood cells

White blood cells are the key cleaners in our immune system. They are produced in our bone marrow and are part of the lymphatic system.

White blood cells move through blood and tissue throughout our body, searching for foreign invaders such as bacteria, viruses, parasites, and fungi. When they locate them, they launch an all-in immune attack.

White blood cells include lymphocytes such as B-cells, T-cells, natural killer cells, and many other types of immune cells.

  • Antibodies

Antibodies allow the body to battle microbes or the toxic substances microbes produce as they metabolize food. They do this by recognizing substances called antigens found on the outer layer of the microbe, or in the chemicals that microbes produce while metabolizing food. This determines the microbe or toxin as being foreign to the body. The antibodies then select these antigens for annihilation. There are many cells, proteins, and chemicals applied in this attack.

  • Complement system

The complement system consists of proteins whose actions complement the work done by antibodies.

  • Lymphatic system

The lymphatic system is a network of delicate tubes that exist throughout the body. The main roles of the lymphatic system are to manage the fluid levels in the body, react to bacterial intruders, and deal with cancer cells. It also deals with cell products that otherwise would result in disease or disorders, and absorb some of the fats in our diet from the intestine.

The lymphatic system is made up of:

  • lymph nodes (also called lymph glands) -- which trap microbes
  • lymph vessels -- tubes that carry lymph, the colorless fluid that bathes your body's tissues and contains infection-fighting white blood cells
  • white blood cells (lymphocytes).

Some infections, like the flu and the common cold, have to be fought over and over again because there are many different viruses or strains of the same type of virus. Catching a cold or flu from one virus does not give you immunity against the others.

The immune system is a complex array of cells and actions our body deploys in order to defend itself against infection. 

The immune system keeps a record of every germ (microbe) it has ever defeated so it can recognize and destroy the microbe quickly if it enters the body again.

Abnormalities of the immune system can ultimately result in allergic diseases, immunodeficiency, and other autoimmune disorders. 

How Can Bone Broth Help Our Immune System?

As a supplement to your diet, bone broth may help you ward off common infections and viruses like the flu. It can balance your gut microbiome, helping you stay strong and healthy. It is so important to take care of yourself not only on the outside but also on the inside. Your immune system will thank you. There’s a reason “health” rhymes with “wealth”. 

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Oh wow.. bone broth has so many health benefits! Will definitely try one soon.


I’ve been hearing a lot about the benefits of bone broth recently. I’ve always believed in the power of Jewish chicken soup personally!

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