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How Can Bone Broth Help You Look Young And Fresh

Every few years, there’s a wellness trend that seems to explode all over social media, spreading from small niche health markets to the center of mainstream culture. From granola to the vegan diet, Epsom salt baths to apple cider vinegar, we are always on the quest for natural solutions to help us feel better and look our best. Relatively recently, bone broth entered the scene as a nutritional superfood with purported benefits spanning the gamut from making skin look younger to burning body fat.

Whether you’re fully on board with the bone broth trend or you decided to remain a skeptic, it’s impossible to ignore its popularity. 

Bone Broth Will Boost Your Own Collagen Production

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body, composing everything from bones and teeth to muscles, tendons, skin, and corneas. Collagen is synthesized in the body by combining proline and glycine, two essential amino acids. Proline is found in foods like eggs and dairy products, but glycine isn’t as readily consumed in high concentrations in many people’s diets because it’s most concentrated in animal skin or gelatinous connective tissues. It’s these very connective tissues that are stewed to make bone broth, making bone broth a rich source of this key component of manufacturing collagen. Collagen increases skin cell turnover and forms structural components of skin, helping keep your skin looking youthful and vibrant. This is why there’s an entire industry dedicated to how to get more of it, whether topically through anti-aging potions or by ingesting collagen powder, supplements, or drinks containing collagen, such as bone broth.

The logic is by drinking collagen-rich bone broth, the collagen will then be fast-tracked to the face to combat wrinkles.

And it works!

Bone Broth Can Help Heal Leaky Gut

By consuming bone broth, you not only directly feed your body with much-needed collagen, but you also supply it with a rich source of the building blocks for your body’s own production of even more collagen.

Bone broth is also known to promote elasticity and help the skin stay wrinkle-free and youthful. Note that collagen production declines with age, accelerating this trend around the age of 40. 

The first thing about broth that makes it so healthy for the skin and the entire body is that it is gut-healing and gut-sealing. The gelatin in bone broth helps heal leaky gut syndrome, which is crucial because gut issues like leaky gut can cause serious issues with nutrient absorption. A leaky gut can also cause malabsorption and improper digestion, both of which are going to leave you with nutritional deficiencies. Nutritional deficiency can lead to decreased collagen levels in the skin, which then can lead to premature aging.

Multiple studies have found that people with intestinal and digestive disorders such as the leaky gut, Crohn’s, and IBS often have depleted collagen levels in their bodies. Without proper nutrition, we can’t fortify our skin with healthy foods and hydration. Bone broth will help you fully use up all the nutrition out of everything you eat.

Because it both aids in nutrient absorption and supports your system with a long list of fortifying nutrients that benefit the derma, hair, and nails, bone broth is food that delivers quick results in giving you strong glossy nails and hair. It’s a sort of shortcut to a youthful, fresh, bouncy skin.

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