8 Postnatal Recovery Essentials for New Moms from MOMBOX

Melissa Bolona

Mombox is the world’s first postnatal care subscription box, centered around the recovery, transition, and overall well-being of new mothers within the first year of motherhood. 

In a world often focused on the care and development of the child, Mombox is on a mission to radically improve the postpartum experience for new moms. They provide critical postnatal support through their monthly boxes and science-backed, stage-based program—delivering world-class wellness products and personalized content to moms at home throughout the first year.

Here are the 8 Postpartum Recovery Essentials for New Moms!

1. Establish a daily care routine for yourself and stick to it. This routine is meant to ground you and reset the day at a time when long sleepless nights bleed into early mornings and the day can easily slip away in a whirlwind of newborn feedings and blowout diapers. Our recommendation is to write down three things that make you feel refreshed. For example, drink one cup of warm coffee, take a warm shower, and put on lotion. Maybe it’s as simple as putting on real clothes and getting out of the jammies, or taking ten minutes to walk around the block, or stretching. Whatever your go-to routine picks are, set them in stone and make sure everyone in your orbit understands the importance of these action items happening for you. This routine will help delineate the days and give you space to feel yourself. 

2. Say no. Yep, you read that right. Time and time again we hear from moms who just don’t want visitors in the early weeks, or they don’t want to attend events, or participate in birthday parties, showers, fundraisers, etc. This is 100% normal and too many mothers feel obligated to do these things. Remember: no is a complete sentence and it’s important in the early days to protect your peace -- this means saying no to absolutely everything that is not a, “heck yes!” Don’t be afraid to buck the system and tell everyone you’ll be accepting visitors later on. 

3. Ask for help. For real. Don’t be fooled by the universal “super mom” effect portrayed on social media. If you can, lean into the support of those closest to you. Asking for help is essential to your recovery. Be specific about what you need done. It may feel pushy, but simply state, “Could you please pick up this list of groceries for me today?” Or, “Could you hold the baby for 20 minutes today while I shower and hit reset?” You’ll find that your support circle also appreciates the direct task versus trying to figure out ways to support you. Motherhood is a team sport, you’re not meant to do it alone.

4. Bone Broth! Because what is not essential about bone broth?! It has many beneficial ingredients to help a mama during postpartum. Bone Broth, especially Beauty and the Broth’s beef bone broth, helps give our mamas the nutrition needed for postpartum recovery and when breastfeeding. It is rich in collagen and protein to support brain function and to stabilize energy. Win, win all around!

5. Belly band. Belly Band. BELLY BAND. Whether you had a vaginal or C-section birth, a belly band supports your abdominal muscles after you give birth. Not only that, it will also support your abs, back, and uterus by relieving some muscle tension from carrying your little one for nine months.

6. Vitamins! Not just any vitamins, but high-quality postnatal vitamins that help reduce postpartum hair loss. Choose one with the ingredients - biotin to help improve hair growth, vitamin C which uses collagen to strengthen hair, and vitamin E for those antioxidant effects to maintain hair growth. Bonus points if ingredients are traceable! *Always consult with your doctor before beginning a new dietary supplement.

7. Your period is coming and is it coming in hot! That’s why the period cup is great to have on hand. Truth is, once you’ve shared your belly with your baby, you’re more aware of what goes in, on, and around your body. Using a period cup is not only sustainable, but it is safe for you to use. 

8. Protein bars! These are great for when you need to sustain your energy throughout your day and to avoid those sugar crashes! Especially when someone is lacking in the sleep department. 


If you are interested in learning more about Mombox please visit their website, or check out their instagram.

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