SPA AND BEAUTY TODAY: Melissa Boloña, founder of Beauty & the Broth, shares the benefits of bone broth

Melissa Bolona


Model and actress Melissa Boloña found that bone broth was making a positive difference in her wellness routine, but there was just one problem: she couldn’t find local spots that provided an easy and convenient bone broth option. This led her on the journey to launching Beauty & the Broth, gut-healthy, bone broth concentrates that are rich in naturally-occurring collagen. We caught up with Boloña to learn about the benefits of bone broth and her product offerings.

how did you first get into bone broth and what inspired you to launch beauty and the broth?

I have always struggled with digestive issues all my life. In fact, I almost got held back from school as a teenage due to these chronic issues! I discovered bone broth in my mid-twenties and it turned my life around. I incorporated it into my routine and not only did my digestive issues heal but I started to see beauty benefits as well.

what are the benefits of bone broths and why are they a good thing to include in your beauty routine?

Bone broth heals your gut, which keeps inflammation down and regulates your gut. With that comes immune boosting properties, protects your joints, supports weight loss. My favorite benefits are the beauty benefits.  Bone broth is high in naturally occurring collagen. Collagen is responsible for your skins elasticity. Therefore it helps to keep your skin plump and aids in reducing fine lines and wrinkles. 

how often does someone need to drink bone broth for them to see results?

Twice a day for 20 days before you start seeing results is our recommended rule of thumb. Everyone is built differently and their bodies react different. I personally saw results within two weeks.

can you tell us a little about your bone broth offerings? what flavors are available? 

Right now we have USDA organic beef and chicken available. We are launching a vegan broth in about a month.

is there anything you want people to know about the sourcing?

Yes, we are very ethically sourced. The beef and chicken concentrates are free-range and vegetarian fed.  This is something that is very near and dear to my heart since I am a huge animal lover.

what makes your products unique and how do they help make it convenient to fit bone broth into a regular beauty routine?

Our product is unique because it is in concentrated form which makes it 8x stronger than any broth and 2x stronger even after water is added. Is is SUPER convenient and customizable to your tastes in this form. It is shelf stable with no preservatives so you can take it on the go anywhere (even the airport) and bring our BPA free, rice husk cup with you. All you need is hot water or a microwave!

what if someone is vegan? are there any substitutes that would be a good idea to try for similar benefits?

Yes, our vegan recipe will contain seaweed, miso, ginger, and mushrooms. This will help tremendously with similar beauty benefits. It helps to rejuvenate your skin and also reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles!

Beauty & the Broth

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