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Founder Melissa Boloña gets interviews for NEW YOU

Hollywood Actress and Model Melissa Boloña now has a new focus – to offer this ancient beauty secret to the world: bone broth concentrate.  Rich in naturally-occurring collagen, Beauty & the Broth is a beverage for whole-body beauty that will have you glowing from the inside out.

After finding herself in an unexpected wellness rut, Boloña turned to her sister for advice. The answer was simple: bone broth. Melissa noticed an immediate difference ranging from better gut health and fewer cravings to beautiful, glowing skin. The problem? She couldn’t find any local spots with tasty options. So, she spent over 6 months testing out recipes in her own kitchen to create the perfect combination of bones, herbs, and vegetables to create a flavorful broth packed full of nutrition in a convenient cup… Now she’s drinking two cups daily and doing all she can to spread the word about this whole-body, total-beauty elixir in a cup.

Although the practice has existed for ages, Beauty & the Broth uses a select slow simmering process to concentrate and preserve those natural flavors, compounds, proteins, collagens, and nutrients. The best part? Made with collagen-rich USDA organic bones to ensure you only sip the best, this brand uses familiar elements in their entirety with every exclusive batch, making all broths Paleo and Keto friendly, gluten-free, free of preservatives, and no salt added. Think ingredients found in a grocery store, not a lab.

Top 7 beauty and wellness benefits of Bone Broth:

Glowing Skin: add grabbing a mug to your morning skincare routine!

Healthy Hair & Nails: grow shiny length without the worry of pesky breaks and split ends.

Superhero Recovery: packed with glycine, this broth concentrate is the perfect post-workout drink to rebuild muscles & strengthen joints.

Fewer Sniffles: this warm and cozy drink will help anyone become one of those people who never gets sick with immunity-boosting compounds like glutamine, cystine, and carnosine.

A Happier Gut: this broth is also a dose of glutamine, which aids with breaking down food while healing the digestive tract.

Beefed Up Energy: sip for that extra kick to keep you moving throughout the day.

Curbed Cravings: this low-carb, no-sugar, protein-rich can help reduce cravings between meals.

Perfect for those who lead active lifestyles and keep convenience in mind, Beauty & The Broth offers weekly, biweekly, monthly, and direct-to-door subscription programs (as well as a one-time purchase only option). Each order includes a minimum of 12 x 3oz pouches of bone broth concentrate along with a 12oz reusable BPA free rice husk cup and a cup sleeve – Broth on the go!  Customers have the option of customizing their on-the-go sipping experience by adding different amounts of water to their broth.

Grab a mug and get glowing!

Beauty & the Broth

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