Editors’ Picks: For Wellness & Self-Care

Melissa Bolona

James Lane Post Article 

Wellness and self-care are everything right now, especially as we navigate through COVID-times while trying to keep our mind, body, and spirit in a good place. Over the past month we’ve featured a variety of people and products. Here are a few of our editors’ picks — what we’ve discovered, loved, and wanted to share. Whether you’re looking to reset, relax, stay on track, or just looking to add a few extra antioxidants, here are a few items that we recommend.

Beauty & The Broth

Beauty & The Broth provides carefully crafted bone broth that is eight times more potent than your average broth. It is slowly-simmered and reduced to remove most of the water. The kits of USDA organic collagen-rich broth are made to be gut-healthy, convenient, and customizable — promoting glowing skin, stronger nails, and shinier hair. The kits also come with a BPA-free rice husk cup. Visit the site for more info.


Beauty & the Broth

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