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5 Reasons Why Everyone Should Be Drinking Beauty & The Broth's Bone Broths 🎉

Beauty & the Broth's bone broth is designed for modern life. These easy-to-use, shelf-stable formulas provide a fresh and wholesome experience tailored to your taste and lifestyle. Made with your health and convenience in mind, here are 5 reasons why B&TB is perfect for everyone:

1. One Word. Quality.

All our broth are USDA Organic, Ranch-raised, and Grass-fed. We also use powerful herbs and fresh organic vegetables (including mushrooms, carrots, celery, leeks, kelp, and onions) to achieve a savory flavor you’re sure to love sipping day in and day out.

Tara H.

"LOVE LOVE LOVE! I love all the flavors and I feel so great after having it! I also love that it's so easy and convenient for when I don't want to cook or get take out."


2. Increased Health & Immunity.

Drinking bone broth has been proven to reduce inflammation and improve gut health. The collagen and gelatin naturally found in bone broth support a healthy gut, which in turn supports a healthy immune system.

Carolynn S.

"Comforting and satisfying.

This bone broth hits the spot after a long day or a long fast (or both). It feels so good to put something so nutritious and healing into my system, knowing it is giving my body exactly what it needs to feel nourished and pampered."


3. Delicious Flavors And YES, Vegan.

Beef, Chicken, and Vegan. All our meat-based bone broths are USDA Organic, Ranch-raised, and Grass-fed. Our Vegan broth has layered notes of savory organic ginger, organic chickpea miso, organic mushroom, seaweed powder, and sea salt. Every flavor is bound to make your tastebuds POP.

Cora H.

"The YUMMIEST. This mushroom broth is literally the yummiest thing ever. I am addicted. I love cooking with it, it gives recipes the umami flavor that makes for an impressive flavorful dish. It is also my go-to when I'm feeling sick! I add just ginger and garlic and eat that until I'm feeling well."


4. Say Goodbye To Tummy Troubles.

Our broths contain glutamine, glycine and essential proteins known to facilitate healthy digestion, making it easier to break down food and absorb essential nutrients. That means no more unexplained indigestion and problematic bloating.

Sandi C.

"Oh my GOSH! I LOVE these plates! This was my first order with Caskata Artisanal Home. I bought these and was able to use them with some guests pretty quickly. Everyone commented on how cute these plates were. And I love the fact I can put them in the dishwasher and microwave! They are gorgeous!"


5. People Absolutely Love Beauty & The Broth.

But don't believe us. Believe the HUNDREDS of 5 Star Reviews and glowing reviews in New Beauty, Travel + Leisure, Forbes, and more.


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