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TODAY: 44 best gifts for people who are always cold in 2021

From heated slippers to billowing blankets, these presents are perfect for getting toasty. We all know that person — that friend, partner, family member or co-worker — who is always fuh-reezing. If you’re looking for the right something to give...

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New Beauty: 8 Ways Edible Beauty Can Lead to Healthier Hair, Skin and Nails

If you have time for a cup of coffee—and we hope you do—you have time to work on your health from the inside out. Edible beauty is booming and the category continues to grow with more ways to drink, shake,...

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DAILY MOM: 12 of The Best Budget-Friendly Beauty Products for under $75

When it comes to discovering some amazing budget-friendly beauty products, it almost feels like you’ve hit the motherload of amazing products that work for your skin without the worry of “spending too much.” We know that the last couple of...

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FORBES: 50 Healthy Snacks, Sauces, And Sips To Pack On Your Next Fall Road Trip

There’s no shortage of bone broths on the market, but this brand founded by Melissa Boloña earns top marks for its concentrated, shelf-stable format and topnotch ingredients. Each pouch is filled with three ounces of slow-cooked broth made with USDA organic...

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New Jersey Digest: NJ Native Brings Bone Broth Craze to The Garden State

New Jersey is home to plenty of firsts. From the invention of saltwater taffy to Monopoly, there are loads of innovations that started right here in the Garden State. Melissa Boloña, a Rumson native, is adding her ingestible beauty company,...

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The Two River Times: Finding Health And Beauty In A Bowl Of Broth

There are fermented foods and the probiotic trend and adding super foods to your diet, all to help maintain a healthy body – inside and out. Melissa Boloña, founder and CEO of The Beauty & the Broth, had tried many...

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New Beauty: The Best New Supplements For Better Skin And Beauty

Sip in supple skin with this slowly simmered, collagen- and protein-rich bone broth that sets itself apart from the rest by using organically certified ingredients and vegetarian-fed, free-range chicken bones.

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FORBES: A Safe, Friendly And Truly Doable Start To A Summer-Ready Body

Just recently actress-turned-entrepreneur Melissa Bolona launched her very own line of shelf-stable, USDA organic broth concentrates. Called BEAUTY AND THE BROTH, the first-of-its-kind wellness concept allows us to take our broths while on-the-go with single serve pouches and warmer cups....

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POP Fuzion Tv: Sip Back Your Glow And Get A Facial From The Inside Out

We know you are super excited to start off 2021 as healthy as possible and we’ve got the perfect idea on how to do just that, so keep on reading!! Many of us know the benefits of bone broth, which...

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U.S. CHAMBER OF COMMERCE: Hollywood Actress and Model Embraces Her Inner Entrepreneur

Model turned small business owner Melissa Boloña shares her story about entering the beauty and wellness industry and offers advice for other aspiring entrepreneurs.

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First Time Parent Magazine: The Many Healing Benefits Of Bone Broth

Actress, model and Beauty & the Broth’s Founder and CEO, Melissa Boloña is sharing an ancient wellness secret: bone broth concentrates! Rich in naturally-occurring collagen, and made with organic ingredients, Beauty & the Broth is the new broth concentrate beverage for whole-body and total-beauty that will get you glowing from the inside out.

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TRAVEL + LEISURE: 14 Items You Should Bring on Every Road Trip

These are our editors' road trip must-haves. "Bone broth has been an absolute favorite wellness food for me for the past few years. If I'm ever feeling even a little bit under the weather (or even full-on ill), bone broth...

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SPA AND BEAUTY TODAY: Melissa Boloña, founder of Beauty & the Broth, shares the benefits of bone broth

Model and actress Melissa Boloña found that bone broth was making a positive difference in her wellness routine, but there was just one problem: she couldn’t find local spots that provided an easy and convenient bone broth option.

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FOODBUSINESSNEWS: Taking Clean Label To The Next Level

Beauty & The Broth, Los Angeles, is one such brand. Melissa Boloña, founder, discovered broth as the remedy to her longtime digestive issues. In addition to her stomach woes improving, Ms. Boloña began seeing benefits in her hair, skin and...

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LIVE THE GLAMOUR: Your Daily Cup of Glow

I was introduced to Beauty and the Broth recently and besides it being too cute, the beauty benefits of bone broth are incredible.

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ENTREPRENISTA: In Conversation With Melissa Boloña of Beauty & the Broth

Describe Beauty & the Broth in a few words?

Ingestible, convenient, healing beauty.

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CTV NEWS: Founder Melissa Boloña shares the benefits of adding bone broth concentrates to your diet & an easy recipe!

Founder Melissa Boloña shares the many benefits of bone broth concentrates, along with a delicious new recipe!

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Editors’ Picks: For Wellness & Self-Care

James Lane Post Article Wellness and self-care are everything right now, especially as we navigate through COVID-times while trying to keep our mind, body, and spirit in a good place. Over the past month we’ve featured a variety of people...

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Hollywood Actress and Model Melissa Boloña now has a new focus – to offer this ancient beauty secret to the world: bone broth concentrate.

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US Weekly

Founder Melissa Boloña gets interviews for US Weekly Magazine Glow from the inside out! After spending many years in front of the camera and dealing with an array of digestive issues, Acts of Violence and Hurricane Heist actress Melissa Boloña was on the hunt for a...

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Entrepreneur Spirit

Melissa Bolona is a young, vibrant actress based in Los Angeles. Starring in numerous films with co-stars such as John Travolta and James Franco. She has blossomed in her acting career as well as a renowned philanthropist; giving her support to the ASPCA, Hatian Relief Foundation, AmFar, and others. Melissa shares with us her tricks of the trade, her universal love for L.A.

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